English as A Second Language Institute

ESL Institute Placement Testing for Spring 2025 Admission

Classes in the ESL Institute offer adult, non-native speakers of English the opportunity to improve their basic English language skills in order to actively increase their participation in the larger society, continue their education into academic programs or to prepare for citizenship.

New students MUST take the ESL Institute placement test before enrolling in a course. Taking the placement test does not guarantee you a seat in the program. The fall 2024 interest list is full. The next semester for new students is spring 2025. Classes will begin in January 2025. The placement test will be in November 2024. Sign up for the Spring 2025 interest list here to receive updates.

Todos los estudiantes nuevos deben tomar el examen de nivel del ESL Institute antes de inscribirse en un curso. Realizar el examen de nivel no le garantiza un lugar en el programa. La lista de espera para el Fall 2024 está llena. El próximo semestre en el que los estudiantes NUEVOS pueden inscribirse es Spring 2025. Esas clases comenzarán en enero de 2025. Los exámenes se realizarán en noviembre. Regístrese AQUÍ para recibir la lista de intereses de primavera de 2025 para recibir actualizaciones.


Adults at least 18 years of age are eligible for the program.

Before enrolling for classes, prospective students must take the ESL Institute Placement Test.

Program Details

The ESL Institute provides four levels of ESL instruction:

  • ESL Intro (Low Beginner)
  • ESL 1 (Beginner)
  • ESL 2 (Intermediate)
  • ESL 3 (High Intermediate)
  • American Idioms (Advanced, only open to students who complete ESL 3)

Each level includes the four language acquisition skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Fall 2024 Courses

  • COURSE FEE: $80 for each course (American Idioms: $100), plus the cost of textbooks
  • REGISTRATION: Returning students: August 2024 registration for classes beginning September 3
  • REGISTRATION: New students: Before you can register for classes you must be tested for placement in ESL. The next placement test will be in November for the spring 2025 semester, which begins January 2025. Sign up for the interest list HERE.
  • PAYMENT: Payment can be made online using a credit or debit card, or in person on Main Campus. Classes may be canceled due to low enrollment. Refunds will be granted only if the class is canceled or the student withdraws before the first class meeting. To withdraw, you must email Adultliteracy [at] ccp.edu (Adultliteracy[at]ccp[dot]edu).
  • Questions: Call 215-751-8531 or email Adultliteracy [at] ccp.edu (adultliteracy[at]ccp[dot]edu).