Academic Divisions

The curricula at Community College of Philadelphia are administered by one of three academic divisions:

These divisions provide clusters of programs with similar interests, requirements, content or orientation—some carrying their own professional or academic accreditation—and offer associate's degrees or certificates.

Learn more about the College's other divisions that support the College's mission through academic, credit and noncredit offerings, as well as student support services and resources:

Division of Business and Technology

Departments and Academic Programs

  • Department of Business Administration
    • Accounting
    • Business – Accelerated
    • Business – General
    • Insurance
  • Department of Business Leadership, Fashion, & Hospitality
    • Business Leadership
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Culinary Arts
    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business
    • Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
    • Project Management
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Department of Computer Technologies
    • Computer Information Systems – IT
    • Computer Programming
    • Computer Science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data Science
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Network Administration
    • Web Development
  • Department of Transportation Technologies
    • Alternative Fuels
    • Automotive Technology
    • Individualized Studies
    • Medium & Heavy Truck Technology
    • Toyota T-TEN

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Division of Liberal Studies

Departments and Academic Programs

  • Department of Architecture, Design and Construction
    • Architecture
    • Building Science
    • Computer Assisted Design Technology
    • Construction Management
    • Facilities Management
    • Interior Design
  • Department of Art
    • Art and Design
  • Department of English
    • Communication Studies
    • English
    • Mass Media
    • Theater
  • Department of World Languages
    • International Studies
  • Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies
    • Black Studies
    • Liberal Arts
    • Liberal Arts: Honors Option
    • Liberal Arts: Social/Behavioral Science
    • Religious Studies
  • Department of Music
    • Music
    • Sound Recording and Music Technology
  • Department of Photographic Imaging
    • Digital Video Production
    • Photographic Imaging
  • Department of  Psychology, Education and Human Services
    • ASL/English Interpreting
    • Behavioral Health/Human Services
    • Education
      • Early Childhood
      • Middle Level
      • Secondary, Math/Science Option
      • Secondary, Humanities/Social Studies Option
    • Psychology
  • Department of Social Science
    • Digital Forensics
    • Fire Science
    • Justice
    • Paralegal Studies

Center for International Understanding

The Center for International Understanding supports the College's mission to help students achieve an increased awareness and appreciation of a diverse world where all are interdependent. It encourages and supports the integration of international content into courses and curricula, as well as student and faculty experiential learning abroad. The Center also promotes dialogue, analysis and the exchange of ideas in the broader College community by bringing together faculty, staff and students with others who have rich international experience. The Center collaborates with businesses, nonprofit organizations and other educational institutions to create organizations and partnerships for community college students, faculty and staff. Reaching out to the College's students, as well as the wider public audience, the Center strives to create a truly informed and global citizenry. 

The Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society

The Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society provides a supportive, intellectual and practical framework to explore significant societal and law-related issues including citizenship, civics and re-entry. Through service learning and research, the Center will engage the College and larger community in its endeavors to foster a rich learning environment for student achievement; to sustain faculty development and enrichment; to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration; to be a resource to professionals and other academic institutions; to stimulate innovation; and to develop strong connections throughout the wider community.

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Division of Math, Science and Health Careers

Departments and Academic Programs

  • Department of Allied Health
    • Dental Studies
    • Diagnostic Medical Imaging
    • Health Care Studies
    • Health Services Management
    • Medical Laboratory Technician
    • Respiratory Care Technology
  • Department of Biology
    • Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
    • Chemistry
  • Department of Foundational Mathematics
  • Department of Mathematics
    • Mathematics
  • Department of Nursing
    • Nursing
  • Department of Physics
    • Applied Science and Engineering Technology
    • Engineering Science

Center for Science and Engineering Education

The Center for Science and Engineering Education supports the College's mission by enhancing programs of study in science and career technologies to provide a coherent foundation for college transfer, employment and lifelong learning. It also assists in preparing students to be informed citizens in regard to issues of public concern that are based on scientific advances and technological innovations.

The Center enhances opportunities for students to explore career options in a science-related field and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to strengthen offerings in physical science, natural science and related technologies. The Center promotes a broader understanding of science and emerging technologies and their impact on society. Therefore, it seeks to increase student involvement in science and scientific research. The Center also provides professional development opportunities for faculty both in scientific content areas and in pedagogy through partnerships and synergistic new areas/fields of education and training, and explores current trends in science and technology education.

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Division of Access and Community Engagement

Community College of Philadelphia's Division of Access and Community Engagement (DACE) offers special programs and services to the adult literacy and developmental student population, the local high school student population, and many other community partners and residents in our city. Serving as one of the College's earliest points of access to higher education for the Philadelphia community, the work of DACE clearly focuses on community engagement, educational equity and student success, and strongly aligns with the mission and vision of the College.

Adult Education Programs

Programs for High School Students

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Division of Educational Support Services

Community College of Philadelphia is committed to providing comprehensive academic support programs and services to all students. The College's Division of Educational Support Services provides students with a wide range of academic programs and support services designed to meet their specific needs. The division ensures opportunities for a successful learning experience and achievement of academic excellence.


Division of Online Learning and Media Services

The Division of Online Learning and Media Services primary mission is to enhance education through technology and creative expansion of learning opportunities. It includes the department of Academic Computing, which provides assistance to faculty in the use of information technology; Multimedia Services, which provides multimedia technology support and service to the entire College community; CCPTV, the College's cable television station; Online Learning.

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Division of Workforce Development and Economic Innovation

The Division of Workforce Development and Economic Innovation (WEI) is the leading provider of workforce development solutions and corporate training in the region. The division is the link between the College's academic assets and the business community, providing a robust entrepreneurial culture that catalyzes small business development and entrepreneurship, helping to strengthen businesses while fostering strong relationships for our students and the college.    

WEI is comprised of the following areas:

Corporate Solutions, the single point of contact for a comprehensive selection of educational programs and training services to individuals, businesses, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. Corporate Solutions program delivery systems include: Corporate College, Contract Training, Continuing Professional Education and Occupational Programs, Center for Small Business Education Growth and Training, Power Up Your Business, and the Workforce Testing Center. To learn more about Corporate Solutions' programs and services, contact us at 215-496-6158 or //csinquiry [at] (csinquiry[at]ccp[dot]edu).

The Career Connections department offers comprehensive career services to all Community College of Philadelphia students and alumni. The department provides assistance in developing successful strategies to find employment through individual appointments and workshops on résumé and cover letter writing, interview preparation, job search strategies and experiential learning opportunities, just to name a few. Career Connections works with employers to provide on-campus recruiting, interviewing and job fairs, and provides employers with access to our free employer-student recruitment platform, Handshake to identify and recruit their future talent, our CCP students and alumni. Handshake provides students and employers with a comprehensive tool that connects employers to their future talent and students to their future employers. Career Connections has established nine ways that employers throughout the region can partner with the College to identify their future talent and connect with the College as a primary talent pipeline for their organizations. The Career Connections department is located in the Center for Business and Industry, Room C1-34. For more information, please call 215-496-6176.

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