HR Hot Topics Bundle

Human resources professionals must have a thorough understanding of the topics and issues shaping today’s workplace to keep pace with changing business environments, new technologies and current employee needs. This series of courses addresses a range of key issues, “hot topics” and trends, including in-demand benefits, flexible work arrangements and inclusive workspaces.

Creating a safe, collaborative workplace where employees feel welcome and supported requires human resources professionals to face some difficult issues and challenges. In this bundle of courses, you will learn about current issues your employees may be facing and best practices for promoting employee well-being. With a deeper understanding of potential issues that may arise, you will be better equipped to provide guidance, policies and resources to help employees thrive.

Courses included in the HR Hot Topics Bundle:
  • Marijuana and the Workplace In this course, you will learn about the importance of creating and communicating clear workplace policies that address employee drug use. Learn how to identify signs that an employee might be impaired and how to address those concerns when they come up.

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace — The concepts of diversity and inclusion can be slippery and elusive. Examine the concepts of diversity and inclusion and will gain the tools necessary to support an inclusive workplace.

  • Pay Equity A 2020 report by found that 63 percent of men receive higher salaries than women performing the same job. Uncover the importance of developing workplace policies that address unfair gaps in employee pay. Learn federal and state legislation on pay equity. This also provides an opportunity for you to explore your state’s laws and how they impact your workplace.

  • Promoting Employee Well-beingPromoting employee well-being is essential for a healthy organization. Develop a working environment that prioritizes employee health, happiness, and comfort. Explore techniques for creating a positive workplace culture and identify common stressors that may threaten employee well-being.

  • Handling Workplace Violence Conflict is inevitable in every workplace environment but can typically be resolved with strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills. However, there are times when conflict escalates to a level that puts a worker's well-being or safety at risk. This course covers the causes and signs of violence in the workplace and will provide tips on how to diffuse dangerous behavior and restore a positive, safe workplace environment.

  • Buzzworthy Benefits — Employers are looking for ways to attract and retain top employees. By offering the right employee benefits, both employers and employees can reach their goals. Learn about increasingly popular employee benefits, including paid leave for new parents, student loan assistance programs, and employer-sponsored volunteerism policies.

  • Employee ClassificationRegardless of size, mission, or product, all organizations must determine which roles and responsibilities are necessary to meet business needs. This course provides an overview of different employee classification types, important regulations related to employee classification, and action steps for maintaining compliance.

  • Flexible Work Arrangement — We live in a time where alternative work arrangements are becoming more and more the norm. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are exploring new ways of working and are seeing the benefits of greater adaptability as circumstances continue to change and evolve. Learn how these flexible work arrangements affect both the business objectives of an organization and the work-life balance of employees.

  • Recruiting Multi-generational EmployeesIn this course, you will cover how age-diversity can influence a company's success, innovation, and productivity. There are various considerations for attracting, recruiting, and retaining an age-diverse workforce.

  • The Future of WorkThis course explores the future of work in the context of artificial intelligence (AI), business sustainability, multi-generational workforces, different business models, increasing demand for flexible work arrangements, an evolving organizational culture, and a need for expanded accessibility.

Student Testimonial

"This was a good training and relevant for the current environment employers are working through." -- Sandra, HR Hot Topics Bundle

"Great course. I learned a lot. It was interesting and kept me engaged. The examples used for different concepts were very helpful. I know that I will use the information learned in this course in my professional career on a regular basis." -- Chelsea, HR Hot Topics Bundle 

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