Coding Certificate

Coding is becoming one of the most in-demand skills in the workplace today. As a result, coding has become a core skill that bolsters one’s chances for becoming a higher value to organizations. The highest demand is for programming languages with broad applicability. Begin by getting introduced to the basics of computer programming and various programming languages. Then go to the next level and acquire all the basics of HTML and CSS. You will learn the relationship between these two industry-standard web page coding languages and the step by step process of hand coding and building web pages. Finally, discover the advanced features of CSS and learn how to use this very powerful language.

Courses included in the Coding Certificate:

  • Introduction to Coding – (16 hours)

    New technologies allow people outside of the computer science field to be able to create their own web pages using code.  Students will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Java Script in this course, as well as the practical uses for each.

  • HTML Fundamentals – (16 hours)

    This course covers all the basics of HTML coding language. Learn how to build simple web pages by hand coding, use HTML tags to create paragraphs, heading, lists, links, insert images and tables and more. This also cover how to create a simple multi-page website with images, text and a navigation bar.  

  • CSS Fundamentals – (16 hours)

    Learn how to style web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) coding language. Topics include using inline, internal, and external CSS, web typography, formatting text, working with web colors, using Google fonts, working with id and class selectors, working with elements, creating page layouts using elements, and CSS box model.

Course Dates and Times

Date and Times Location Course Cost/Fees
Apr 3, 2023 - Jun. 30, 2023 Online Course
(Participate anytime day or evening)
Jun. 5, 2023 - Sept. 1, 2023 Online Course
(Participate anytime day or evening)
Sept. 5, 2023 - Dec. 1, 2023 Online Course
(Participate anytime day or evening)

Course Hours: 48 Hours

This workshop is offered through our continuing education online partner.