Power Up Your Business

Power Up Your Business

Power Up Your Business is a FREE, neighborhood-based approach to support small business owners in Philadelphia—like you—to give you the tools you need to grow your business and help your community thrive.

Innovation, acceleration and growth are the foundations for a vibrant small business community. This innovative group of Power Up Your Business programs was designed for businesses across Philadelphia. We're bringing entrepreneurs and business owners together to learn from one another as we provide the education and training to help you adapt to challenges and run your business efficiently.

Community College of Philadelphia has a strong history of helping small businesses. In the past six years alone, we have helped nearly 400 small businesses grow their revenue and jobs, and we have provided counseling and resources to another 1,000 businesses.


The Economic Case for Power Up

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Peer-based Learning Experience

Peer-based Learning Experience

Apply for our 12-week course in small business management and planning where you will gain tools needed to run a successful business and develop a tactical improvement plan.

Training program includes:

  • Team of experts that teach marketing, financials, human resource and operations, insurance and legal, and how to develop a tactical improvement plan
  • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs through our peer-based learning model
  • Coaching support from a business coach and financial coach
  • Our training is held in local Philadelphia communities in Northeast, West, Northwest, South, and nearby Center City

Peer-based Learning

Store Owners Series

We offer a series of workshops for small businesses to help them run and manage their business more effectively. The workshops are held in various neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.

Sessions in:

  • Marketing
  • Capital & Credit
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Facebook
  • Accounting Software
  • Accounting Software
  • City Taxes
  • Grow Your Business Online
  • SEO Strategies
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Instagram

Store Owners Series

Store Owners Series
Industry Best Practices Series

Industry Best Practices Series

These courses target the unique needs of specific industries to strengthen resiliency and foster growth. Industry experts will lead a deep dive into topics such as regulations, laws and customer bases, as well as differentiating essentials of broader topics.

Each series, offered to small businesses for free, are comprised of 2-hour workshops designed to help you establish improving industry-specific best practices.

These series will support businesses in the restaurant, e-commerce, manufacturing, childcare, and hair industries, as well as others.

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Power Up 2017-2022 Impact Report

Established in 2017, the Power Up Your Business program is reaching businesses throughout the city in every census tract, ZIP code and every City Council District—block by block.

See how Power Up has impacted Philadelphia businesses in its first five years


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