Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate


The Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate prepares students for a career in piano tuning and maintenance. Students in the certificate program are also enrolled in the Music Performance degree program, which gives students a thorough academic preparation in music combined with a liberal arts background. Students in the Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate will have instruction at Community College of Philadelphia as well as at piano stores and concert halls in Central Philadelphia, providing students the opportunity to learn and work on various instruments of quality and age.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Tune an Upright and Grand Piano.
  • Regulate both Upright and Grand Pianos.
  • Complete certification with the Piano Technician’s Guild.

Program Entry Requirements:

In order to be eligible for the Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate, all students must also be enrolled in the Music Performance Degree Program. All inquiring students must schedule an interview and music theory placement exam with the music department head prior to being accepted into the certificate program. The interview will consist of questions regarding the student’s piano and keyboard history, musical and instrumental knowledge as well as general interest questions that will determine the student’s eligibility into the program. Students who do not pass the theory placement exam are required to take MUS 100: Music Reading, and pass the course with a “C” or better, before enrolling in MUS 116: Theory I.

*Please note that all students enrolled in the Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate will also be taking the courses outlined in the Music Performance degree program, which appears here: http://ccp.edu/college-catalog/degree-programs/associate-arts-aa/music-performance

 *Only students enrolled in the Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate are eligible to take the Applied Music sections designated at PT.

Program of Study and Graduation Requirements:

Successful completion of the program requires a "C" grade or better in each of the courses listed.

Course Sequence:

Course Number and NamePrerequisitesCredits
MUS 141PT - Applied Music I / MUS 142PT - Applied Music II 4 credits
MUS 143PT - Applied Music III / MUS 144PT - Applied Music IVApplied Music II4 credits
MUS 241PT - Applied Music V / MUS 242PT - Applied Music VIApplied Music IV4 credits
MUS 243PT - Applied Music VII / MUS 244PT - Applied Music VIIApplied Music VI4 credits

Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate:


General Education Requirements:

All general education requirements necessary for graduation are met through the courses in the program as indicated above. Students who wish to take courses that differ from the general education courses indicated above must complete a course substitution request form. To access the form, login to the MyCCP portal, and in the Student tab, under Electronic Forms, click on the Records and Registration Forms link, then choose Request For Course Substitution Of Graduation Requirement link. A more detailed explanation of the College's general education requirements is also available.

For More Information, Contact:

The Division of Liberal Studies, Room BR-21, 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130; telephone (215) 751-8450, or the College Information Center (215) 751-8010.