Public Health

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    Program Duration: 2 Year Program
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    Degree Type: Associate in Arts (A.A.)
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    Total Credit Hours: 62
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About This Program

Public health focuses on vulnerable populations and uses a proactive, preventive, and group approach to address the health needs of communities (regions, countries, or even the world) that are experiencing health disparities. Public health methods coordinate the work of individuals, organizations, as well as private, government, and public entities. These public health methods are unique from those of other health professions that focus on individuals.

Responding to public health crises is always a concern for large urban centers such as Philadelphia. These public health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the opioid crisis, affect other areas related to public health, such as the homicide rate and homelessness, and increase the need for public health professionals to focus on the specific needs of city residents.

The AA in Public Health is multi-disciplinary program designed for transfer, with an emphasis on communication (oral and written) and sociology in the context of health and health care. Students will develop a theoretical understanding of group dynamics, learn population-based approaches to health, and analyze the historical and structural factors that create health and health care disparities and impact health. The AA in Public Health also prepares students to advocate for issues they care about within their own communities.

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Transfer Opportunities

Arcadia University

A private university known for its diverse academic programs and global perspective, located in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Bloomsburg University

Public university in Pennsylvania offering diverse programs.

Immaculata University

A Catholic institution nestled in Immaculata, PA, offering a transformative educational experience rooted in faith and service.

Jefferson University

Healthcare and science-focused institution in Philadelphia.

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Launch Your Career in Public Health

  • Biostatisticians – est. salary $98,233*
  • Administrative Services Managers – est. salary $126,361
  • Health Education Specialists – est. salary $61,372
**EMSI Data, 2022; The greater Philadelphia region; a percentage of people in these jobs may have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Career Outlook


Median Salary of Medical and Health Services Managers


Number of Jobs in the Region


10-year Job Outlook in the Region for Medical and Health Services Managers

Featured Career

Medical and Health Services Managers

Plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations.

Starting Pay: $65,899

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Typical Tasks

  • Develop and maintain computerized record management systems to store and process data, such as personnel activities and information, and to produce reports.
  • Direct, supervise and evaluate work activities of medical, nursing, technical, clerical, service, maintenance, and other personnel.
  • Maintain awareness of advances in medicine, computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, government regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options.
  • Develop and implement organizational policies and procedures for the facility or medical unit.
  • Conduct and administer fiscal operations, including accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures, establishing rates for services, and coordinating financial reporting.