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Payment Options

Community College of Philadelphia strives to make paying for college convenient and affordable for you. We offer several ways for our students to pay, from secure online payments with e-Check to a convenient payment plan option and more. Browse through our convenient payment plan options below.

Online Payments

Online payments are the quickest, most convenient way to pay your bill. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard), debit cards and e-Check payments. With e-Check, make safe, secure online payments and skip the fee—it costs nothing to make a payment online using e-Check.

Payment by Check, Money Order and Cash

Make all payments payable to Community College of Philadelphia and mail or drop your payment off in-person to:

Bursar’s Office
Community College of Philadelphia
1700 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Cash payments are only accepted at the Main Campus Bursar’s Office, Room BG-38.

Checks in payment of tuition and fees that are returned to the College by the bank must be repaid within 5 business days or you will be administratively withdrawn from the College.

Payment Plan

Consider enrolling in the payment plan to break up your tuition payments into five installment payments when you have a balance due of $555 or greater. The cost to enroll is a non-refundable $35 fee together with the first installment payment (additional payments may be required depending on when you enroll). The plan is available for Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

To enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan, please login to MyCCP and click on the Enroll in a Payment Plan link under the Financial Services channel to complete the online enrollment process and submit your payment electronically.

Please note that only tuition and fees may be considered; books and the enrollment fee cannot be included in the Payment Plan. Neither Financial Aid nor Company billing can be included when calculating the payment schedule.

If you withdraw or add a course, your payment plan will be adjusted accordingly. It is your responsibility to check your MyCCP account for any changes to your payment plan. Please note that if your financial aid is not approved, you are still responsible for the payments.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Bursar by email or call 215-751-8987.

Summer 2015 Tuition Payment Plan

Enroll in the tuition payment plan for Summer 2015 to break up your tuition payments into three installments. Online enrollment in the Tuition Payment Plan for Summer 2015 will begin March 23, 2015 and close on June 9, 2015. Please note that you must enroll in the tuition payment plan before the due date on your bill. Please login to MyCCP and click on the Enroll in a Payment Plan link under the Financial Services channel to complete the online enrollment process and submit your payment electronically.

The payment schedule and due dates are as follows:

  • Payment 1: Due at enrollment
  • Payment 2: Due May 19, 2015 (Enrollment after May 12 requires payment of 67% of tuition and fees)
  • Payment 3: Due June 16, 2015

When to Pay

Prior to the beginning of each semester, a bill will be e-mailed to you. Should you not receive a bill then, please note that it is your responsibility to obtain it from the Bursar’s Office. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Bursar’s Office by email or call 215-751-8130.

Direct Deposit

Go green to receive and have refunds processed 70% faster (than by paper check) by signing up for direct deposit. To provide you with a more efficient refund process, the College has implemented the student refund direct deposit option. This service gives you the convenience of receiving a refund from financial aid and/or another source of funds on your student account deposited directly into your bank account.

Fulfillment of Financial Obligations

If you have not met your full financial obligations, the College reserves the right to withhold any services until you have. These services include, but are not restricted to, transcripts, library, letters of recommendation, registration, counseling and others.

Refund Policy

It is your responsibility to submit an official drop form or drop classes via the web, even in cases of non-attendance. Students who drop prior to the start of the term will not incur any charges other than fees that are considered non-refundable. Students who drop during the equivalent first three weeks (first 20 percent) of the term will be charged 50 percent for tuition and applicable fees and will be financially responsible for the charges incurred. Students who drop classes during the equivalent fourth week and thereafter will be charged 100 percent of tuition and applicable fees and will be financially responsible for the charges incurred.

Students who receive financial aid are subject to federal refund policies and calculations as described in the provisions of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998. Recipients of grants and loans who fully withdraw or drop on or before the 60 percent point of the term will be required to return all or a portion of their financial aid proceeds to the College and/or the Federal Government. See the Financial Aid Withdrawals, Refunds and Repayment Policy section of the College Catalog for more information.

Important: A student who drops a 15-week course during the 15-week refund period will not be permitted to apply full tuition to a later-starting course. The difference between the partial tuition refund for the 15-week course and the full tuition for the later-starting course must be paid by the student. This does not apply if the 15-week course is dropped prior to the start of the 15-week semester and is replaced by a later-starting course.

Refund policies are in keeping with the regulations of the State Board of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Section 35.30)