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Guest Students

Take a course or two at Community College of Philadelphia and lighten your courseload during the spring or fall semester.

If you are currently a student at another college or university and plan on taking credit courses but do not intend to obtain a degree or certificate from the College, follow the steps below:

Note: Guest students are NOT eligible to receive financial aid from Community College of Philadelphia. Please contact your home institution’s Office of Financial Aid regarding a consortium agreement.


Apply online.


Obtain the five-digit course reference number(s) for the course(s) you intend to register for.


Provide your student ID# (J#) WITH the following:

Unofficial transcript/degree audit (showing grades)/College diploma/SAT, ACT or TOEFL test scores (if you have satisfied the course prerequisite(s) with a C- or better)

**NOTE: SAT, ACT or TOEFL test scores may be used as proof of college-level English and/or college-level algebra. Scores MUST be within the past two years from the month the test was taken. Minimum scores are:

SAT — Reading 510 and/or Math 470
ACT — English 21 and/or Math 17
TOEFL — Total score 77 AND writing score 20
IELTS – Total score 6 AND writing score 6


If you have NOT satisfied the course prerequisite(s) with a C- or better, you must provide a permission letter from your school official on official letterhead. The permission letter MUST include your name, student ID# (J#), semester/term, name Community College of Philadelphia, intended course(s) of registration and be signed by your school official. Visit the College Catalog for a listing of course prerequisites. Upon receipt of completed permission letter, you will be required to contact the Transfer Credit & Placement Office and provide the Course Reference Number(s) CRN(s) to permit registration of classes (see Step 2).


Please send by one of the following ways:
- Email guest@ccp.edu
- Fax – 215.496.6195
- Mail to:
Community College of Philadelphia
Transfer Credit and Placement Office
1700 Spring Garden Street, MG-17
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Upon review of submitted documents, you will be permitted to register for your classes online. Please allow two business days for processing.


Register for classes online.

  • First, click here to search for classes. Please make a note of the CRN number(s) of the class(es) you with to take.
  • Next, login to MyCCP. Select "Register for Courses/Change Class Schedule," then select "Register for Classes." Select the desired term, enter the CRN number(s), then click, "Submit Changes," and you're done.


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