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Youth Work Courses

YW 101 Foundations of Youth Work

Credit Hours: 3

This course provides an introduction to the field of youth work. Three main components will be stressed in this course. First, students are introduced to the philosophy of and research on the positive youth development perspective. Second, students will learn the principles of adolescent growth and behavior. Third, students will become familiar with social policies related to youth and their families.

YW 110 Family and Community Engagement

Credit Hours: 3

This course teaches the basics of family and community assessment and engagement for youth work students. Students learn to recognize and understand key concepts of family dynamics and structure including roles, rituals and relationships. Additionally, students learn how to utilize community resources to foster positive development for youth.

YW 115 Critical Issues in Youth Work

Credit Hours: 3

The focus of this course is on applying current youth development principles and theories to the practice of youth work. This course will explore complex real-world practice issues. Students will gain an understanding of and knowledge regarding specific areas critical for youth workers and will develop the ability to respond to youths in an enlightened and skilled manner.

YW 196 Practicum

Credit Hours: 4

This class has two essential and integrated components. Students undertake a 12-hour-per-week supervised field placement for 12 weeks in a youth serving agency. Students also attend class two hours per week to study and discuss practice issues in youth work.
Prerequisites: YW 101 and YW 110.

Unless otherwise noted, all college level courses require English 101 placement.