Transfer of Credits

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit evaluation is the appraisal of a student's transcript from another institution to determine eligibility for credit to be granted. At Community College of Philadelphia, the Office of Student Records and Registration will evaluate all official transcripts received from the student's previous college or university for all students seeking a degree. Evaluation of transcripts is a two-step process: First, students must request that all postsecondary institutions previously attended send transcripts of their academic records to:

Community College of Philadelphia
Transfer Credit and Placement Office
Office, MG-17
1700 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3991

Second, students must complete an online Transcript Evaluation Request form. Log into MyCCP and access the Electronic Forms Channel. Complete and submit the Transcript Evaluation Request form for processing.

Policy on Transfer Credit

The consideration of transfer credit or recognition of degrees will not be determined exclusively on the basis of the accreditation of the sending institution or the mode of delivery but, rather, will consider course equivalencies, including expected learning outcomes, with those of the receiving institution's curricula and standards.

GENERAL STATEMENT: Community College of Philadelphia will accept courses in which the grade earned was a "C-" or better, unless otherwise specified by program requirements.

This statement is qualified as follows:

  1. The Vice President for Student Affairs, or the Vice President's designee, is responsible for the development and implementation of this policy, in collaboration with other affected offices. The final determination for the acceptance of courses will be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Vice President's designee in consultation with Academic Divisions as deemed appropriate.
  2. Transfer credit will not be granted if granting such credit is contrary to the requirements of any recognized local, state, or federal accrediting or certifying agencies.
  3. Transfer of course credit earned ten or more years prior will be accepted in the same manner as all other requests, except where the department requires more current studies for certain majors.
  4. Credit may be awarded for courses from an institution, whether or not similar courses are offered at Community College of Philadelphia. These courses must satisfy both general elective and graduation requirements. A student must still complete all academic content and the total quantitative requirements for graduation.
  5. Community College of Philadelphia will grant degrees and academic certificates only to students who have earned at least 30 credit hours in residence for a degree and 15 credit hours for an academic certificate. Credit by Examination or Credit for Life Experience can be counted towards the residency requirement. Students on active duty with the Armed Forces need to earn only 15 credits in residence for a degree.
    There are institutions that offer some courses that are two credit hours, and these are often scheduled in a sequential manner. These two-credit courses will be transferred in as follows:
    1. If one course of a two-course sequence is completed, the student will receive two (2) transfer credits which may, with the appropriate discipline approval, satisfy a course prerequisite. Students must complete the minimum number of credits to graduate from the College.
  6. The College operates under the semester system. If a student seeks transfer credit for work completed under the "quarter" system, credits will be transferred in as follows:
    1. A one-year course of nine credits taken over three quarters will transfer in as six semester hours.
    2. Two quarters of coursework totaling six credits will transfer in as a two-course sequence of two credits each, and will be treated as explained under section E above.
    3. One quarter of coursework totaling three credits equals two semester credits and will be transferred in as explained under section E above.

In general, where a student has completed only six hours of the nine quarter hour system, this is equal to four credit hours under the semester system. Where a student has completed only three hours of the nine quarter hours, this is equal to two semester credit hours.

    Academic transcripts are evaluated based upon the procedures established in this policy and through the guidance provided by the Academic Affairs areas. When transcripts are received for which there appears to be no Community College of Philadelphia equivalent, or for which no equivalency can be established based upon the course name and/or course description, the Academic Affairs areas are contacted to make a determination.

    It is possible that errors in the articulation of coursework, or omission of prior coursework can occur. In the event a student believes that this has happened, the appeal procedure is as follows:
    1. Students should first contact the Office of Student Records and Registration to discuss the evaluation results with a Placement/Transfer Credit Specialist, and provide any additional documentation needed to assist with the review (e.g., an updated transcript or college catalog, or other documentation from the sending institution).
    2. If the issue is not resolved in step A, the student may request a conference with the administrator responsible for Placement/Transfer Credit. After conferring with the student, the administrator will present the student's claim along with any additional documentation to the academic area department head for consideration, and send written communication to the student within ten (10) working days regarding the decision.
    3. If the issue is not resolved in step B, the student may then request a meeting and final review with the Director of Student Records and Registration. The Director will consult with the appropriate academic dean for further guidance, and will communicate the dean's decision to the student in writing, within ten (10) working days. The decision of the dean is final.
    4. Appeals must be submitted no later than four months after the completion of the initial evaluation.

Foreign Educational Credentials

Foreign educational credentials must be evaluated initially by a recognized evaluation and/or translation service. Contact the Transfer Credit and Placement Office, Room MG-17, at 215-751-8866 for a list of service agencies.