La Salle University

Black Studies

Prepare for Transfer and Career Opportunities

Offering Afrocentric courses, critical race theory framework, insight into resistance movements and a focus on social justice, this program provides a strong foundation for transfer and future employment within local and global black communities. A capstone course may include a service-learning project or a study abroad option to an African location. Through studying texts and completing your own research, you will enhance your critical thinking, leadership and communication skills, all in-demand skills for any career area.

Business — Accelerated

The Business – Accelerated program is a select enrollment program that allows motivated students to learn what it takes to be an effective member of the business community and prepares them to transfer to a four-year business school, in just 21 months. Select students start and complete the program in a cohort, moving through the accelerated program together taking one course during four-week terms or two courses during seven-week terms. All courses are offered in either an online or hybrid format, with on-campus sessions held on Saturdays.

Liberal Arts — Honors Option

A Strong Foundation for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree and Beyond

The Honors experience puts you in a unique learning community of motivated students and faculty. The program is designed to help you earn a bachelor's degree, and beyond. In it, you will develop advanced skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking within the context of intellectual discussions. Our Honors students have gone on to successfully pursue a wide range of educational options at some of the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Criminal Justice

Serving and Protecting

Analyzing evidence, investigating crimes, working with at-risk youth and working with criminal offenders are some of the duties of individuals employed in the criminal justice field. The Justice program provides you with the knowledge and skills used to protect the public, and work within the court and corrections systems. Taught by experienced faculty, your courses will focus on the needs, operations and administration of the criminal justice system.


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