I Am More Reentry Engagement Program

Helping Our Students Reach Their Full Potential 

Unfair barriers for reentering the educational pipeline are often a reality for justice-involved persons in the United States. As the City's College it is our job to provide the high-quality education that Philadelphians deserve, and doing so is almost never a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Envisioning specialized services to ease the transition to college, I Am More is committed to creating programming that meets students where they are and provides them with the best means of support in the attainment of their academic and career goals.

What We Do

I Am More is a College-wide initiative designed to holistically address the academic, career and social needs of justice-involved students as they pursue a certificate or associate degree at the College. We offer specialized services and ongoing support to stay actively - engaged and remain a contributing member of society

What We Offer

  • Case Management: An assigned support coach will help you balance the competing demands of a being a college student, both on and off campus
  • Program Support: Workshops and training regarding academic success, including tutoring by learning specialists in writing, math and Computer Information Systems courses, career development, financial management, life skills and mentorship
  • Social Support: Identification of and assistance with basic needs, and health and wellness resources

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible, prospective students must be currently enrolled in a certificate or degree program at the College, and sentenced and served time in a county, state or federal correctional facility. All participants are required to sign an agreement of participation that outlines program expectations.

Connect With Us

Derrick A. Perkins,
MSS Director, Student Transition Success Programs
215.751.8877 | iammore@ccp.edu