Scholarship and Awards FAQ

What types of scholarships does the College offer?

Community College of Philadelphia provides financial support through tuition and cash awards, as well as book awards to students pursuing an associate’s degree at the College.

How much money does the College give away in scholarships per year?

Last year, the College awarded nearly $800,000 in scholarships.

Who is eligible for scholarships?

The College awards scholarships to current Community College of Philadelphia students and graduating high school seniors who plan on enrolling at the College.  Students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for specific scholarships. While the majority of scholarships are merit-based, some scholarships are awarded based on other factors such as community service, obstacles overcome, and study in a particular major. International students are eligible for many of our scholarships and awards.

How is scholarship information disseminated to students, faculty and staff?

Email messages and personal announcements are sent to students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements for each scholarship. Faculty, administrators, staff and students also periodically receive email and personal announcements on MyCCP.

How can students apply for scholarships?

To apply for scholarships at Community College of Philadelphia, you must be a current student or have applied for admission. Our scholarship opportunities site allows you to browse all of the College's scholarship offerings. When you are ready to apply for a scholarship, click on the Sign In button on the top of the page to the right to get started. If you are not already logged in to MyCCP, you will need to enter your username and password.

What if I am a new student?  Can I complete the scholarship application?

If you have not yet applied for admission to Community College of Philadelphia, your first step is to complete an application for admission. You will receive and email with your student ID number and instructions on how to log into MyCCP within 5 business days. Once you have your MyCCP username and password, you may apply for scholarships. PLEASE NOTE: new students, with the exception of high school seniors, should wait until they have completed at least one semester to complete the application. After one semester, new students will have earned a grade point average (GPA) and will be able to request a recommendation from a Community College of Philadelphia faculty member.

When should I complete my online scholarship application?

The General Scholarship application opens each year in early July and closes on June 30 of the following year.  A new General Scholarship application is required each year. Submit your application as quickly as possible so you don’t miss an opportunity to be considered for the maximum number of scholarships that are awarded throughout the year.

How can I attach my unofficial transcript to the online scholarship application?

To attach your unofficial transcript, please see instructions included on the scholarship application.

Do all scholarships require an application?

There are departmental awards and scholarships for which there is no application process. Recipients are selected by department faculty based on academic performance, however, the MAJORITY of our scholarships require the online application be completed.

How do I get a recommendation letter?

You will need to talk with a professor at the College to ask if you can use them as a reference. If they agree, get their email address, which you will enter on your application. Make sure to tell the professor that they will receive an email from They should complete the recommendation as soon as possible and submit it. You are able to go back to your application at any time to send a reminder to your recommender if they haven’t submitted your recommendation. You can also withdraw a recommender and add a new one, if you so choose. Paper recommendations are not accepted. PLEASE NOTE:  It is each student’s responsibility to go back to their application and confirm that the recommendation has been submitted.  If your name appears in a candidate pool and you have no recommendation letter, your application will be removed from consideration.

Does the College announce local and national scholarships not affiliated with Community College of Philadelphia?

The College is notified of annual national scholarship competitions, such as All-USA Academic Team and the Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, for which students must be nominated by the College. Additionally, Student Tuition Services is notified of other scholarships offered by external organizations for which CCP students may be eligible. Information regarding all scholarships will appear on the scholarship search page, as well as college email and personal announcements. 

Can students receive assistance with the scholarship application process?

We are currently not offering any workshops on Main Campus or the Regional Centers. Whenever we have done so, the turnout was extremely low. Maybe just add: For assistance with the scholarship application process, please contact or 215-496-6182.

How are scholarship recipients selected, and by whom?

Upon each scholarship deadline, the scholarship coordinator reviews all submitted applications for eligibility. Eligible applications are read by the Scholarship Selection Committee, which is comprised of faculty, staff, counselors, and sometimes donors and Foundation Board or Board of Trustees members. 

Can a student receive financial aid and a scholarship?

Yes, however the Financial Aid Office will be informed of any scholarships students receive. Financial aid may be adjusted due to the addition of scholarships.  However, it is rare that student financial aid is affected. 

Can a student receive more than one scholarship?

Yes! Many of our students receive multiple scholarships. Once you submit your online scholarship application, you will be considered for as many scholarships as you are eligible. This is based on your answers to the application questions. 

Can a student lose a scholarship?

Unfortunately, yes. Students who are receiving scholarships for one or more academic years must maintain a specific grade point average depending on the scholarship. GPAs are verified by the scholarship manager each semester. Students are notified by mail if they are no longer eligible to receive funding under the scholarship.

Who can students, faculty and staff contact if they have questions about scholarships?

Anyone needing scholarship information should contact or 215.496.6182.

How do I know that I’ve been awarded a scholarship?

If you are awarded, you will receive an email from  Go to your Applicant Home page and click the Awards button to find out if you have been chosen for a scholarship.  If you have been given an award you must accept or decline the award and you must write a thank you letter.