Alternative Funding Sources

The following funding sources are available to students in addition to the Federal Student Aid and Federal Student Loans which they qualify for from the FAFSA.

PA State Grant

Pennsylvania residents are eligible to apply for the PA State Grant administered by PHEAA. The deadline for new applicants is August 1, and the deadline for renewal applicants is May 1. To be considered for a Pennsylvania State Grant, you must fill out the FAFSA and complete the PA State Grant Form. Most renewal students do not have to complete the State Grant Form. Questions about PA State Grant administration can be directed to the Office of Financial Aid or PHEAA at 1-800-692-7392.

Alternative and Private Loans

Alternative and Private Loan options are available. These are loans students borrow from banks, credit unions, or other lending agencies to pay for educational expenses. Approval for alternative or private loans is determined by the lender.

If approved for an alternative or private loan, please complete the Request for Private Loan Certification and return to the Office of Financial Aid.

Request for Private Loan Certification

Additional Funding Resources

Additional funding resources are linked below: