Career Programs in the Field of MANUFACTURING

Advanced Manufacturing invents, creates and repairs the products that we use daily. As new technologies continue to emerge, the industry is creating more jobs than there are skilled workers to fill them, and we’re here to provide you with the technical skills training that will prepare you for a career in advanced manufacturing. Our programs are taught by industry professionals designed to enable you to enter this high paying industry sector.
CNC Precision Machining Technology  
The best entry-level career you’ve never heard of

The College’s Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology program provides you with both classroom and hands-on training to convert raw materials into durable goods. CNC technology uses machines to transform materials such as metals and plastics into auto parts, artificial knees and hips, as well as products for the military, aircrafts and space vehicles. The College offers a 210-hour program and 625-hour program. Individuals who enroll in the 625-hour program can qualify for financial aid. Those who successfully complete the 625-hour program are eligible receive 14 academic credits that can be used towards an associate degree in Technical Studies.


  • Average salary for entry-level position: $46,380
  • Demand for machinists will grow as technology improves
  • Train to work as a CNC machine tool programmer, CNC machine operator, metal and plastic model maker, lathe and turning machine operator, and more!

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Welding Technology Program
From cars to spaceships, welders help move society along

By combining classroom learning with hands-on training, the College’s Welding Technology program prepares you to begin a high-paying career as a welder. 

Upon completion of the program, you will have mastered the fundamental skills necessary to enter the industry, including: principles of welding; occupational orientation and safety; welding drawing and symbol interpretation; brazing and shouldering; and more. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for 20 College credits that can be used towards an associate degree in Business Leadership or Technical Studies. 


  • Wages start at $17 per hour
  • Industry expected to continue to grow over the next few years

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Electro-Mechanical Technology Program
Where a passion for technology pays

Electro-Mechanical Technicians spend their days installing, repairing, testing and upgrading electronic and computer-controlled systems. Upon completion of this program, you will have entry-level knowledge of mechanical technology that prepares you to operate, test and maintain unmanned, automated, robotic or electro-mechanical equipment.


  • Entry-level salaries as high as $47,800
  • Jobs include electro-mechanical technician, industrial machinery mechanic, and machinery maintenance worker

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Gas Distribution Pipeline Mechanic Program
Find your footing in one of Pennsylvania’s high demand occupations

The Gas Distribution Pipeline Mechanic program prepares students to install and maintain pipelines for natural gas distribution for commercial, residential and industrial customers. The program combines classroom training with hands-on operator qualification training. Upon completion, you will leave with: Workplace Success/ Construction and Skill Trades (CAST) preparation; a Commercial Driver’s License permit; First Aid Safety training; and more. 


  • Starting wages as high as $25/hour
  • Program developed in partnership with PECO, Philadelphia Gas Works, Henkels & McCoy and Utility Line Services, and the Collegiate Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development
  • Scholarships and potential stipend available for eligible students

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Certified Production Technician
Learn about the technical skills needed in all sectors of manufacturing

This industry-led program prepares and certifies you for career pathways in advanced manufacturing. The CPT Certification addresses the core technical competencies of higher skilled production technicians in all sectors of manufacturing. You’ll learn safety in the workplace, orientation to manufacturing, quality practices and measurement, production processes, and maintenance awareness.


  • Skills needed for more than 6 million frontline production jobs
  • Learn about shop floor etiquette, OSHA standards, blueprint reading, problem solving, and more!

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