Corporate Solutions’ Diversity & Inclusion Institute

Today’s headlines detail the current state of our country: stories about racial tension and political unrest are featured daily. Companies are challenged to understand how they can respond to their employees' needs for safety and acceptance. As the world changes, companies must change as well, and find ways to create culturally aware work environments that are respectful, inclusive and harmonious.

The Diversity & Inclusion Institute has six workshops that address current issues that help participants:

  • Realize the benefits of diversity
  • Increase their cultural knowledge
  • Increase inclusion of different groups
  • Become aware of unconscious bias
  • Promote better teamwork

Workshop Titles include:

  1. Developing Culturally Competent Leadership
  2. What is Hidden Bias and How Do I Overcome It
  3. Identifying and Addressing Racial Micro-Aggressions in the Workplace
  4. Culturally Competent Customer Service
  5. Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  6. Establishing Inclusive Hiring

These workshops are available in two, four, or six-hour formats. Contact Peggy Dugan at to discuss how Corporate Solutions can help with your company’s diversity initiative.