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As Tahara Garrison-Brown, ’22, walked across the stage to receive her diploma during the College’s commencement ceremony on May 7, she also received one of the biggest surprises of her college career: she had been awarded the highly competitive Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. This year, more than 1,200 students from 332 community colleges across the country submitted application for the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. Tahara was one of 100 finalists selected to receive up to $55,000 a year to complete her bachelor’s degree. In addition to financial support, she will also receive educational advising; opportunities for internships, study abroad, and graduate school funding; and connections to a thriving network of over 3,000 Cooke Scholars and alumni. “This scholarship ...(Read more)
“I will miss CCP so much. This place means so much to me,” said Joseph DeFeo, an English major who graduated with the Class of 2022. “I’ll always be a CCP Lion.” Joseph started at the College in fall 2019, immediately getting involved with Philadelphia L.E.A.D.S. , participating in a toy drive the student organization ran that year and the student retreat held in Maryland. He was drawn in by his inviting peers as well as the mission behind L.E.A.D.S., which encourages students to make good decisions and become leaders in their own lives. The leadership society program helps instill leadership qualities at varying stages of a student’s life by teaching them a framework to approach leadership from multiple perspectives. ...(Read more)
“I will miss CCP so much. This place means so much to me,” said Joseph DeFeo, an English major who graduated with the Class of 2022. “I’ll always be a CCP Lion.” Joseph started at the College in fall 2019, immediately getting involved with Philadelphia L.E.A.D.S. , participating in a toy drive the student organization ran that year and the student retreat held in Maryland. He was drawn in by his inviting peers as well as the mission behind L.E.A.D.S., which encourages students to make good decisions and become leaders in their own lives. The leadership society program helps instill leadership qualities at varying stages of a student’s life by teaching them a framework to approach leadership from multiple perspectives. ...(Read more)
On April 12, the College hosted an Enough is Enough panel discussion to celebrate the right to vote and shine a light on gerrymandering, an issue that threatens the fairness of our electoral system on local, state and federal levels. Hosted by Dr. Generals, Community College of Philadelphia’s president, the event allowed experts from our College community and beyond to discuss the repercussions of gerrymandering and shine a light on current efforts to correct the systemic flaws in our democracy that allow this unfair practice to take root. The College was honored to have Laura Coates, senior legal analyst at CNN, as a moderator for the event. Coates made fundamental contributions to the coverage of the unrest in Minneapolis and ...(Read more)
Graduating with Highest Honors and other accolades, Aye Kalle has always set high standards for herself. She arrived in the United States from Conakry, Guinea, in November 2015, seeking better educational opportunities. Aye, whose first language is French, started to learn English from her children and by taking noncredit English courses at the College. On May 7, she is receiving degrees in Architecture and Interior Design, and a proficiency certificate in Architectural Visualization. This fall, Aye will pursue a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Drexel University. “Design is something you can do for your community,” she said. She eventually hopes to resolve some of the challenges that buildings pose to residents and cities in Guinea. “The buildings in my community ...(Read more)
For a lot of high school students, when the school day ended, that meant it was playtime. But that wasn’t the case for Luvlee Day, who attends Parkway Center City Middle College (PCCMC) and is a dual enrollment student at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). Instead of heading outside after school, many times, Luvlee needed to stay indoors to do homework. While she admits it was hard work and required sacrifices she didn’t think she’d have to make at such a young age, one thing was very clear: Luvlee was not going to quit. The path she chose would teach her a good lesson about the impact of making sacrifices and doing the work. “It taught me to keep going,” ...(Read more)
Ahmad working with CCP Votes
Meet Ahmad Mitchell: aspiring chef, activist, and Community College of Philadelphia’s outgoing Student Government Association (SGA) president. Ahmad wears many hats both on and off campus. After graduating from Central High School in 2018, Ahmad joined Job Corp’s Advanced Career Training program to pursue his passion for culinary arts. With a grandfather who owned a deli, and family members who own land to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, Ahmad explains that he has always understood what it means to be a land steward. This understanding further fueled his desire to become a chef. He says that he’s always wanted to go to college but didn’t want to take out debt to do so. Upon completion of the Job Corp program, ...(Read more)
Winners give a presentation each spring to Community College of Philadelphia faculty and staff. Watch Dr. Nagaswami’s Lindback Lecture, Path to a Growth Mindset: A Personal Narrative , and learn more through Dr. Nagaswami’s Q&A: . What are the reasons you have dedicated 30 years of your career to the College and its students? I began my teaching career at CCP and never looked back. The student populations at the College are amazing, resilient and inspiring. The students’ desire to learn and accomplish their academic goals despite all the hardship they go through in their complex lives are the main reasons that have sustained my interest and dedication to teach at the College. It is always a gratifying experience to ...(Read more)
Each time Natalya Topova wanted to expand her career possibilities and challenge herself, she’s turned to Community College of Philadelphia. During her first experience at the College, she obtained a Clinical Assistant proficiency certificate in 2017, which led to a job in the field. “After a while, I felt I could do more,” said Natalya. Her proficiency certificate provided stackable credits, which enabled her put those earned credits toward a degree in Health Care Studies, which she received in 2020. She also received a certificate in Phlebotomy. Natalya discovered her strength, and a career path became clearer. “I never thought I would like phlebotomy or would be around blood,” she said. Again building on her education, phlebotomy led her to ...(Read more)
Afshan Khan will be graduating from Community College of Philadelphia this June with an associate degree in Health Care Studies. While she has always dreamed of obtaining both her high school diploma and associate degree by 18, things did not necessarily work out how she originally planned. Despite the hiccups she’s faced along the way, Afshan has valued education for as long as she can remember.> Originally from Pakistan, she says her family moved to Philadelphia for her to get a better education—and a better shot at life. “In my country, women don’t get a lot of opportunities,” Afshan said. “Education for women is not the main goal. That’s why when I was seven, my dad moved us to Philadelphia.” ...(Read more)
Nathaniel “Nate” Gordan was only 13 years old when his parents sent him to live with his aunt in North Philadelphia. Born in Covington, GA – a small city about an hour outside of Atlanta – Nate says he at first had a hard time getting used to the hustle and bustle of a big city. Covington has a population of nearly 14,000 people versus the 1.6 million Philadelphians who live in the city. When asked why he moved to Philadelphia in 2017, he says his parents wanted him to get a better education. Nate says that personally, he was looking for a much-needed change. In fact, Nate has experienced a great deal of change over the past five years. ...(Read more)
Unsure of a career path, Nikki El first attended the College in 2002. Her financial situation changed, and as a newly married wife and homeowner, there was little time left for school. When she returned in 2020, she found the guidance and knowledge she needed to achieve her goals. Nikki works full time as a cardiac surgery nurse at the University of Pennsylvania, where she treats COVID-19 patients and has had to work many overtime shifts during the pandemic. As a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), she needed additional education credentials to move forward in the field. “I enjoy cardiac surgery, but I want to advance my nursing career,” she said. Nikki is graduating with a degree in Health Care Studies ...(Read more)
On Friday, April 1, the College welcomed esteemed author, lyricist, essayist and playwright Quiara Alegría Hudes to our (virtual) campus to talk about her career and her latest book, My Broken Language. Alegría Hudes is a native Philadelphian and wrote the book for In the Heights, which was turned into an extremely popular Broadway musical and a major motion picture. In 2012 she also received a Pulitzer Prize for Drama for her play Water by the Spoonful. She also co-founded Emancipated Stories, which helps incarcerated people write about and share their life stories. The talk was moderated by English professor Jeff Markovitz, and organized and funded by the Liberal Arts and Communications pathway in the Division of Liberal Studies. Hudes ...(Read more)
Meet Ahmad Mitchell, a second-year student who is participating in the self-study process for accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education . Accreditation by the Commission is important because it ensures academic excellence for students. Learn more about Ahmad and the reaccreditation process in this brief Q&A! Q: Who is Ahmad? Tell us about yourself. A: I am a Culinary Arts student in my final semester of study at CCP. My expected graduation date is in May. After graduation I plan to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Food Studies/Hospitality Management. Q: What is your involvement and participation in College organizations? A: I am the president of the SGA , a Democracy Fellow with the Campus Vote Project , ...(Read more)
Terry Peterson is a graphic designer, and has been teaching Design, Computer Art, and Graphic Design courses at Community College of Philadelphia for more than 25 years. When asked what originally sparked his interest in the graphic design field, he recalls watching a 1980s Diet Pepsi commercial , when he was younger (pictured right). He notes while most people may have been focused on the fancy jingle and the body types of the models, he felt he was the only one who noticed how the lines in the backgrounds matched the lines on the can of soda He says there was something about those lines – a subliminal message – that literally made a connection. At the time he says ...(Read more)
Three Community College of Philadelphia students have been announced as semifinalists for the highly competitive Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. The students were selected from a pool of more than 1,200 applicants attending 180 community colleges in 35 states. To date, seven College students have been awarded the prestigious scholarship. This year’s semifinalists include: Tahara Garrison-Brown, Health Care Studies major Nakita Guiteau, Liberal Arts-Honors major Christine Meusz, Social/Behavioral Science major Through this award, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation supports high-achieving community college students by providing them with a scholarship of up to $55,000 per year to attend a four-year accredited undergraduate school. Each award is intended to cover a significant share of the student’s educational expenses – including tuition, ...(Read more)
To celebrate Women’s History Month, Dr. Generals led a Fireside Chat that delved into the inspiring and sometimes overlooked legacy of Angela Davis, from influences in her youth and early career to how she began her work in prison abolition by successfully defending herself in court after being placed on the FBI’s most wanted list and death row. The discussion illuminated the historical context of her work, as well as the substantial role she has played in shaping contemporary social justice dialogue. Although the Jim Crow Era of the United States can seem like a distant past, it was a bitter reality for the now 78-year-old Davis. She witnessed atrocities committed by the Ku Klux Klan, as well as the ...(Read more)
Yolanda Brutley-Dugger says that in almost every space she’s in, she is most often the only person in a wheelchair. However, she notes that this doesn’t slow her down on her “journey of trying.” Born in Texas and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Yolanda moved to Philadelphia at 13. While she says her transition to Philadelphia was a culture shock, one thing remained the same: her love of learning – especially for math. “Growing up I always wanted to learn, and math was something that just came easy,” Yolanda says. After graduating from Olney High School, Yolanda briefly pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at La Salle University but said that her program of interest was dissolved. At that point, ...(Read more)
Deep down, Adam Dickerson, ’21, always knew he wanted to become an x-ray technologist. While it was not until high school that he officially decided to pursue this career, Adam recalls the exact moment he fell in love with medical imaging. “I remember being three or four years old and my mom taking me to her job for the day,” Adam says. “One minute I would be playing with my toys on the floor and the next I’d be looking up at the different MRI scans on the monitor. When it came time to decide what I wanted to do career wise, I thought back to what I was most interested in as a kid. The first thing that came ...(Read more)
Black music is one of the largest cultural exports of the United States. From jazz and rock and roll to hip hop, country music and more, billions of people all over the world enjoy the musical inventions of Black Americans daily. That said, the centuries-old origins of the African rhythms and rhymes that were molded into modern music remain obscure to most. On February 16, Dr. Ardencie Hall-Karambe, associate professor of English and Theater, honored and shed light on how Black music in America came to be. In her presentation “Power in the Word: African Traditional to African American Spiritual Music,” Dr. Hall-Karambe invoked the grand tone of a natural storyteller and started off the talk with an expedition into ...(Read more)
Hi everyone! My name is Iraida (they/them), and I am 20 years old. I was born in Puerto Rico but was raised here in Philly. My family and I moved from Puerto Rico back in the early 2000s and we’ve been here ever since. I graduated from Northeast High School – MAGNET in 2020, and I am currently a sophomore at Community College of Philadelphia majoring in Digital Video Production. I originally did not plan to attend CCP, but due to some personal situations, I did end up choosing to attend CCP. It was genuinely the best decision I have ever made for my future. A few months after first applying to CCP, I was quite literally bombarded with emails ...(Read more)
Hello, my name is Dayanna but I prefer to go by my last name Shomo. I am from the West Oak Lane area of Philadelphia. I graduated last summer from George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science, also known as HSES. I choose to attend Community College of Philadelphia simply because it was more affordable and understanding that we receive the same quality of education as many of the other four-year schools here in Philadelphia. Also, past family members have either gotten a degree here or used the transfer program here at CCP, so CCP was always going to be the first choice for me. I am studying Communications as a way to continue my work with nonprofits. ...(Read more)
Men's Basketball Team District Champions
The Men’s basketball team have advanced again and now they’re District champions. Our CCP Lions won the Region 19/North Atlantic District Championship on Saturday, Feb. 26 after defeating nationally ranked Brookdale Community College 78-58. The team will advance onto Nationals where the Lions will participate in the NJCAA DIII Men’s Basketball Championship at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL from Wednesday-Saturday, March 9-12. Saturday's game brought out the best in the players and coaches who hustled hard to secure the win. Sophomore guard Amir Woods was named the game’s MVP, and CCP’s men’s coach Joe Rome was named the North Atlantic District Coach of the Year. Most recently, freshman Ryan Holmes was recognized as the Eastern Pennsylvania Athletic Conference (EPAC) ...(Read more)
We’ve asked two 2021 graduates, Cory Matthews and I’shanay Meeks, about their academic experiences. Both earned their high school degree from Parkway Center City Middle College and an associate degree in Liberal Arts simultaneously through the College’s dual enrollment partnership with the School District of Philadelphia. What advantages did you gain from the College’s partnership with Parkway Center City Middle College? How did this experience shape or further your academic and career goals? Cory: The biggest advantage I gained from the partnership was that I learned the basic fundamentals of being a college student. I learned how to utilize the many resources (tutoring labs, libraries, etc.), how to communicate with professors and how to be successful independently. It gave me ...(Read more)
Students smiling behind new Saxbys experiential learning platform
Community College of Philadelphia and Saxbys recently announced that a student-run Experiential Learning Café (E.L.C.) will open at the College in spring 2022. This is the first E.L.C. at a community college, making this partnership a latte (lot) more interesting and worth students’ while. Saxbys established the Experiential Learning Platform in 2015, providing students with entrepreneurial exposure through real-life experiences that support traditional classroom learning. The College’s E.L.C. will be located in the new Library and Learning Commons and run by the Student Café Executive Officer (SCEO), who will gain instrumental experience and familiarity with the daily tasks of operating a business. The inaugural SCEO will oversee and drive team development, initiate and execute community leadership opportunities, and actively manage ...(Read more)
New to the College, Dr. Vishal Shah was appointed the new dean of Math, Science and Health Careers in June 2021. A role that comes during a transformative time amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the new dean is excited to work with students. We sat down to talk to Dr. Shah about his journey to the College and his plans for his new role. Read the conversation below. 1. Please tell us about yourself and your background. I have an academic background across three different continents that first include India and the Czech Republic, and from there, I came to the United States. Here, I completed my post-doctorate at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I was a faculty member and department ...(Read more)
Jensen Toussaint
Jensen Toussaint, C’15, never imagined that he would one day be a journalist. When he enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia in 2012, he was unsure of what he wanted to do professionally. A Liberal Studies major, he says during his first year, he would often go to class and then go home. It was not until the end of his time at the College that he discovered his passion for writing. Not only did Jensen tap into his love for storytelling, but he also learned that it was one of his strengths. “Growing up I was always told that I was a great writer, but I was extremely shy,” Jensen said. “I wanted to have a career where I ...(Read more)
Students staff and faculty gathered in a circle around the American Flag
On Friday September 10, students, staff and faculty gathered outside around the Bonnell Circle to commemorate College alumni and Philadelphians who lost their lives 20 years ago during the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Under a clear blue sky, the ceremony began as the American flag was raised and attendees held a moment of silence. Around the flag stood 45 small American flags; 30 for the victims of 9/11 from Pennsylvania, three of whom were from Philadelphia, 13 for the service members who were lost recently in Kabul and two for our own alumni who were honored that day. Opening the ceremony with a message of gratitude to all of the veterans and active service members in the audience, Dr. ...(Read more)
Recently, the City of Philadelphia announced a mandate stating that all higher education students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 15, 2021. As a result, Community College of Philadelphia has had to reevaluate our fall plans in accordance with local regulations. In order to prioritize the safety and security of the community as the Delta variant of COVID-19 becomes more prevalent, the College has made the difficult decision to delay the majority of in-person, on-campus classes until Oct. 15, and instead offer these courses online and on their original days until then. Starting Oct. 18, courses will be offered in their original format (hybrid or in-person), as listed on students’ class schedule. Classes in the 7A term ...(Read more)
This fall, Community College of Philadelphia will introduce two new certificate programs, one new degree program and three updates to current certificate and degree paths. In doing so, the College hopes to help students stay on the forefront of today’s job markets and to give professionals new opportunities to supplement their skillsets. New and improved two-year degree programs include Public Health, Biomedical Equipment Technology and Education, while new certificate programs have been created for Project Management, Personal Training and Religious Studies. For students who want to study the broader effect of disparities within health care systems and look to create change in the communities they serve, a Public Health degree will be added to our renowned Department of Allied Health. ...(Read more)
Connecting people to resources is not only a passion for Tia Watson; it’s what she does for a living. Tia serves as the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Director for United States Sen. Bob Casey and has been assisting the community to find and utilize helpful resources through strategic planning and advocacy efforts. “I love my job, and I love what I do,” Tia said. “It brings me so much joy knowing I’m in a position to help people who look like me and live in the neighborhoods like where I grew up.” But to get where she is now, the connection was Community College of Philadelphia. Tia was born and raised in Philadelphia, and grew up in Frankford, a low-income section ...(Read more)
Jovie graduation picture
Earning an Automotive Service I proficiency certificate in 2019 was the culmination of Jovie Last’s lifelong interest in mechanics, tools and working with her hands. Later in life, she realized that automotive service represents an industry where all three components, plus problem solving, are used all day, every day, and would be an enormously satisfying career choice. “Toys had a great effect on me growing up, especially Erector and Tinkertoy sets,” said Jovie. She is now taking the PennDOT Emissions Inspector Certification course and is already certified to perform all other functions for PennDOT annual safety inspections of automobiles and light trucks. With previous positions at a dealership and as a technician at Girls Auto Clini c in Upper Darby, ...(Read more)
George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science graduate Essence Gaines had no doubt that she would go to college. It was which university she would attend that was up for debate because there were many factors to consider -- costs, distance, and personal financial ability and freedom. As part of a college tour hosted by Mighty Writers, a non-profit program that teaches kids to write, Essence visited Community College of Philadelphia, less than 2 miles away from her high school. During the visit, the tour guide showed the group around the College and provided great insights to success, including how to apply to scholarships when applying. Essence, not thinking much of it at the time, applied. “I was ...(Read more)
Andreas Copes is a Community College of Philadelphia Mass Media alumni who was named one of 24 Point Foundation Community College Scholars in spring 2020. Now he/they is being recognized once again for contributions made to local media discourse, as well as for volunteer work in his community. In the spring of 2021, Andreas was selected once again for a prestigious Point Flagship Scholarship out of more than 2,000 applicants. When Andreas graduated from Community College of Philadelphia in 2020, he moved on to Temple University with a plan to not only succeed academically, but to make positive changes in Philadelphia as well. Having been awarded the 2020 Point Scholarship for Community College Students, Andreas was first recognized for his ...(Read more)
Leroy Brown
A second chance. That’s what Leroy Brown, a Black Studies major, found in one Community College of Philadelphia program as a young Black male. Leroy is expected to complete his degree program in fall 2021 and largely credits this accomplishment to the Center for Male Engagement (CME), a program that he calls “a mecca for young Black men, navigating life and higher education.” Leroy started at the College in fall 2019 as a transfer from a 4-year college. He was certain that attending a community college would be a walk in the park. “I came in with an ‘I can do it myself’ mentality,” Leroy said as he talked about his choice to transfer. “But it hit me like a ...(Read more)
Hello, everyone. We are getting close to the end of the semester and finals! I am excited but sad at the same time. I really enjoyed my first semester at CCP, but it is time to move ahead! I have been planning for my summer classes and I was so excited to hear that this summer the Catto Scholarship will be covering last dollar tuition! This is amazing news for me. As of right now, I would have had to come out of pocket a few hundred dollars to cover the rest of my tuition. The Catto Scholarship will be covering that for me, as well as continuing my monthly stipend. This has been such an amazing scholarship and I ...(Read more)
Chris Robin
In order to better meet the needs of his growing family, Chris Robin sought an educational path that would enable him to change careers. “It was a perfect storm of events that brought me to CCP,” he said. The owner of his own yoga studio in Northern Liberties, Chris was seeking more financial security after the birth of his second son. The College’s Nursing program provided a quick entrance to an in-demand profession. “In three years, I’ll have received an associate degree and be eligible to take my exam to become a licensed Registered Nurse. It set me up for a good position in life,” he said. During his time in the program, the clinical rotation in community health left ...(Read more)
Jaron Mcneil
Jaron McNeil, ’21, says attending Community College of Philadelphia was one of the best decisions he’s made. “CCP was not only affordable, but it gave me a great start,” Jaron says. “I’ve gained some amazing mentors who have provided a lot of support since I arrived at the College.” He says that in addition to the support from his academic advisors, career counselors and professors, much of his success comes from his mentors at the College’s Center for Male Enagement (CME). Geared towards African-American males, CME provides its members with targeted academic and non-academic supports designed to enhance their skill sets, cultivate a sense of belonging and build resolve as they pursue a degree at the College and beyond. “CME ...(Read more)
With some trepidation, Jameelah Hairston enrolled at the College in 2017, unsure she would be successful in higher education. This week, she will graduate with her Nursing degree from Community College of Philadelphia. “I stopped and started at the College after high school. For the past 20 years, I’ve worked in health care. I’ve been a psychiatric technician, EMT and Certified Nurse Assistant,” Jameelah said. Jameelah’s knowledge impressed the nurses and doctors she worked with, and they recognized her potential. “I had learned more than I realized, and they told me I needed to go back to school,” said Jameelah. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she briefly relocated to Maryland, where she was working two jobs at times. She began ...(Read more)
A day in the life of a CCP dual enrollment student Daisy McDonagh is not your typical 18-year-old. This month, she will be graduating with a 4.0 GPA at the College and a 4.4 GPA at MaST Community Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia with both her high school and associate degrees. Daisy is one of ten students graduating this May from MaST’s dual enrollment program in partnership with Community College of Philadelphia. Daisy says she learned about the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate degree while in middle school from a MaST student enrolled in the dual enrollment program at the time. Once she entered the ninth grade, she took the placement exam and tested into the college-level ...(Read more)
Russell Shelton headshot
From John B. Kelly Elementary to the big stage Russell Shelton, ’20, thinks back to when he finally embraced his passion for theater and the performing arts at the age of 14. He vividly remembers his first acting role while at the John B. Kelly Elementary School. He played the role of the leader of the cards in an adaption of Alice in Wonderland. His interest in theater continued into middle school, where he earned a role in a stage adaption of the 2007 film Hairspray. It was through this experience that Russell decided to pursue a professional career in acting. “While I was able to score two small roles in Hairspray while in middle school, the overall experience had ...(Read more)
Dr. Generals
College President Dr. Donald Guy Generals says the proposal’s expansion of access to community college uplifts Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents Community College of Philadelphia President Dr. Donald Guy Generals released the following statement in support of President Joe Biden’s proposed American Families Plan that would direct billions of dollars in funding to support community colleges and low-income students: “Community College of Philadelphia fully supports President Biden’s American Families Plan, which would direct $109 billion to boost the efforts of community colleges in providing a high-quality education to every American regardless of their ability to pay. “Due to the economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of community college students across the country have been forced to ...(Read more)
Yael Johnson smiling, wearing green shirt
One student’s destined journey to a career in early childhood development Yael Johnson, ’21, says her calling has never been clearer: she wants to be an advocate and champion for the exceptional young children who will shape our future. Working in early childhood education, she found her passion in helping children with special needs and their families navigate the challenges they face, both in and outside the classroom. “Life tends to take us on surprising journeys,” said Yael. “Sometimes we are led to places we never knew we were supposed to be. My life journey brought me to a preschool just when the time was right.” With a 10-year long career in restaurant and office management and a finance background, ...(Read more)
The College celebrated Women’s History Month this year with virtual events and initiatives to inspire and inform our College community. In light of the endlessly faceted nature of womanhood, the events centered around women of all different backgrounds who shared their stories and experiences, creating dialogue that felt relevant to the diverse population of women and femmes at the College. Women’s History Month brought women who are leaders in their respective fields into our College community to share their knowledge on topics such as career advancement, workplace diversity, physical and mental health, and more. The first event, Challenging the Process, which took place on March 1, was hosted by Judge Maria McLaughlin, who highlighted the tenants of exemplary leadership and ...(Read more)
Amidst the acclimation to online learning, teaching her children at home and returning to campus for limited lab instruction, Lauren Ferri and fellow Dental Hygiene students are moving closer to their goal. “We have had a long delay and many changes, but everyone has started to find their groove. I’m happy with the way it’s going, and I am thankful to be treating patients,” said Lauren. At the College’s Dental Clinic, where hands-on training is integral to career success, Lauren joins seven other students or less, according to safety guidelines, as they work on their skills. Before returning to campus, all students were informed by faculty about upgraded building air filters and COVID-19 safety procedures put into place to make ...(Read more)
With support from the Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center, Kasara was able to obtain her degree despite additional hurdles she encountered during the COVD-19 pandemic. The way Kasara Pompey was introduced to the Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center (Women’s Center) was truly a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and trying one’s luck. Today, Kasara, a Health Care Studies student, is on track to completing her final year at the College and looking forward to graduation in May. But even a year ago, her vision of graduation didn’t look so clear. In January 2020, Kasara was drawn to a flyer on campus that read, “Do you need help with child care?” She knew she did, ...(Read more)
Juggling school and personal life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic was a tough hit for many. Unprecedented. It flipped the lives of many students upside down with no notice, including Tiasia Howard, a Criminal Justice major at the College. She had just begun her studies when, in March 2020, the College’s transition to online learning meant Tiasia needed to manage her personal and academic responsibilities while taking classes at home. "I guess it's my love for learning and furthering my education to provide the best future I can for my kids that keeps me going and earning A’s," Tiasia said. “It was more difficult for my son, because he’s so active.” When classes first transitioned online, Tiasia knew ...(Read more)
In January 2021, Community College of Philadelphia’s Nursing program was recognized with the Innovations in Social Mobility: Workforce Development award powered by the Social Innovations Journal for its work to provide health care in the community . Laureen Tavolaro-Ryley, associate professor of Nursing and the Independence Foundation chair in Community Nursing at the College, accepted the award. Days after COVID-19 shut down Philadelphia in March 2020, many higher education nursing programs and medical institutions sent students home and transitioned to virtual learning, but Tavolaro-Ryley went another route. She began advocating to get funding for a summer internship for students that would provide care to the homeless, food insecure and other susceptible groups making up some of the most vulnerable communities ...(Read more)
Hello, everyone. We just got back from spring break and we are at mid-semester. I really enjoyed the time off and was excited to be taking my first mid-term test! Yay! I met with my success coach just before break and I really liked how structured she was with our meeting. I was able to address the most important topics that I needed to discuss. It is so nice having someone there who is resourceful and knows where to direct you to obtain extra support. I also joined a conference this month about stress management. That was very beneficial to me. I was able to remember some tools that I have used in the past and learn about apps to ...(Read more)
With a passion for grassroots organizing and connecting underserved communities to valuable resources, Benjamin Nixon, ’20, is using his voice and providing College students across the country with a platform to make a difference. On Feb. 8, he helped launch the Student Voting Network (SVN) Podcast: a nonpartisan platform for and by students to express their views, share insight, organize for a better future and learn efficient methods of reaching student voters in meaningful ways. The podcast is a Campus Vote Project initiative he worked to launch as a Democracy Fellow. “For some time, we were looking for ways to be more engaging outside of social media. That’s where the idea for the podcast came from,” said Nixon. “We wanted ...(Read more)