Campus Recruitment Opportunities Request Form

Community College of Philadelphia’s Career Connections department offers a competitive campus recruitment program. We will welcome back students, faculty, staff and employers on campus for the Spring 2023 semester. The Career Connections department will offer Hot Job Alert Zoom sessions as well as On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) tabling events. Hot Job Alert Zoom sessions will allow you to recruit our students and alumni virtually whereas our On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) tabling events will allow you to recruit students in person. Both campus recruitment opportunities will allow you to connect with our students for full- and part-time jobs. Community College of Philadelphia believe in offering our students with opportunities that provide them with a livable wage, which is $14.47/hour.  In order to participate in any campus recruitment event, your organization must have job opportunities that has a base hourly rate of $14.47 or higher.. For the Spring 2023 semester, our Hot Job Alert Zoom sessions and On-Campus Recruitment tabling events will be offered in January, February, and March.

Benefits of participating in our campus recruitment program:

  • Raise your company’s visibility to more than 25,000 students and alumni
  • Free promotion of your company's participation in our recruitment program
  • We can schedule your on-campus interviews at your request through Handshake
  • Communicate the job opportunities your organization has available
    • Engage and recruit students and alumni who are interested in your available job opportunities
    • Provide detailed information about your organization’s hiring and/or application process

Please complete the form below to request your preferred campus recruitment opportunity. Dates will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the limited number of time slots available, you will only be approved for one Hot Alert Job session/or On-Campus Recruitment tabling event during the Spring semester. In addition, your organization must be recruiting for 5 or more job opportunities in order to participate in our campus recruitment activities this semester. 

Please Note: After you register and select a day and time, we will send you information about how to post your open job opportunities in Handshake. You will have to post your job opportunities in Handshake before we confirm your requested Hot Job Alert Zoom Session/or On-Campus Recruitment tabling event.

Company Information
Recruitment Event Planning

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Future Recruiting Event Opportunities
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Is your organization a third-party recruiter (i.e., employment or temporary staffing agency, search firm, contract recruiter, or human resources consulting-related firm) whereby the “hired” individual is working for another organization? *
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If your organization is interested in developing an Experiential Learning Employer Partnerships Program, which experiential learning opportunity would you to like to provide to CCP students (check all that apply) *
Non-Discrimination Agreement The organization that I represent is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to a policy against discriminatory practices based upon age, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by federal law or the College’s policy.