Corporate Social Responsibility Proficiency Certificate


The Corporate Social Responsibility proficiency certificate is for students who wish to gain a business perspective on corporate social responsibility and who seek employment in businesses, non-profit organizations, or government agencies that have an increasing commitment to corporate social responsibility principles. Students gain a competitive advantage by learning about environmentally sustainable technology and responsible stakeholder relationships, in addition to gaining skills in systems and critical thinking, monitoring and evaluating programs, and conducting local research. When completed, the Corporate Social Responsibility proficiency certificate courses can be applied to the Business Leadership Associates Degree. 

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Corporate Social Responsibility proficiency certificate, students will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of corporate social responsibility and the triple bottom line.
  • Evaluate stakeholder corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Critically assess and measure cutting edge sustainability technologies.
  • Discuss financial trade-offs and opportunities related to implementing corporate social responsibility strategies.
  • Describe natural systems, their relationship to man-made systems, and explain the role of sustainable systems in protecting the natural environment. 

Program Entry Requirements:

This certificate is open to interested students. Students are required to satisfy placement at the time of admission. Students who are identified as needing developmental course work must satisfactorily complete the appropriate English and mathematics courses as part of the certificate.

Program of Study and Graduation Requirements:

Successful completion of the program requires a "C" grade or better in each of the courses listed.

Course Sequence:

Course Number Prerequisites Credits
CSR 110 - Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility    3 credits
EASC 111 - Environmental Conservation or
EASC 111H - Environmental Conservation (Honors)
  3 credits
CSR 120 - Business and Stakeholder Relationships CSR 110, which may be taken concurrently 3 credits
CSR 130 - Current Developments in Sustainable Technologies CSR 110, which may be taken concurrently 3 credits
ECON 120 - Introduction to Business Analytics   3 credits
BUSL 195 - Experiential Learning   3 credits

Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate:


For More Information, Contact:

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