MUS 102 - Piano II

Credit Hours: 1

This course is a continuation of studies begun in Music 101, to further develop skills needed for reading and performing piano music. Students will master compositions in which each hand simultaneously plays an independent part, in order to build left hand-right hand coordination, a necessity for piano performance. Students will also study ten minor scales. In addition, students will learn root position triads for harmonic minor scales, to be played in sequence, ascending and descending, with both hands simultaneously.

Students must complete three one-credit courses (MUS 101, MUS 102, MUS 108, MUS 109, or ensemble courses) to meet the Oral Communication/Creative Expression requirement for general education.


MUS 101, ENGL 071 and ENGL 081/ENGL 091 or higher placement. 

General Education Fulfillment: Oral Communication/Creative Expression