DMI 198 - Clinical Education III

Credit Hours: 1

During Clinical Education III, students will gain a more confident persona when performing patient care activities and imaging procedures learned in previous semesters. Students will report to clinical Monday through Thursday for 7 weeks. Clinical rotations include general inpatient, general outpatient, emergency room/trauma radiography, fluoroscopy, orthopedic radiography, portable radiography and surgical radiography. Each rotation will be one to two weeks in length (4-8 days). Additionally, students will begin introductory rotations through the advanced imaging modalities of CT, DEXA, IR, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, and Ultrasound. Each intro rotation will be one-week in length, and students will spend no more than two out of the seven weeks in advanced modalities.

Additional Course Fees: $345


DMI 106, DMI 120, DMI 132, DMI 182 and DMI 197 all with a grade of "C" or better.