DH 192 - Clinical Dental Hygiene II

Credit Hours: 3

This course is a continuation of DH 191. The focus is on preparing students to perform traditional dental hygiene clinical techniques. They learn about instrumentation (sharpening, designs, and uses of dental hygiene instruments) and tooth examination through radiographs and tooth treatments, including deposit and stain removal, selective coronal polishing, and fluoride applications. They prepare and use study models, learn about the care of removable dental prosthesis, and develop treatment plans in preparation for the clinical work in DH 293. Students are provided with the opportunity to practice learned clinical skills on peers. Students will also develop and participate in an informative poster session, that will be used in the following semester for the professional associations state meeting.

Additional Course Fees: $175


DH 115DH 135DH 150DH 191 and BIOL 109.


ENGL 102 (ENGL 102 may be taken concurrently with DH 192)