CSCI 112 - Computer Science II

Credit Hours: 4

An introduction to object-oriented programming and algorithm development, with an overview of computers, programming languages, and professional ethics. Programming topics include algorithms and problem-solving, fundamental programming constructs, and object-oriented software design. Students will use word processing, presentation, and social networking software to collaboratively document and report on programming projects within the course. A continuation of CSCI 111, presenting fundamental concepts in computer science and object-oriented programming using the Java and C++ programming languages. Topics include recursion, using application programming interfaces (APIs), database connectivity, software validation, fundamental sorting and searching algorithms, parallel processing, and analysis of algorithmic complexity. Instruction in the use of electronic spreadsheet software to analyze and describe the spatial and temporal complexity of algorithms is a part of the course. 

Additional Course Fees: $85


CSCI 111 with a grade of "C" or better

Course Offered Online: Yes

General Education Fulfillment: Technological Competency