CHEM 121 - College Chemistry I

Credit Hours: 4

A transfer level chemistry course for Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and pre-professional program students requiring a laboratory science. Topics covered include matter, measurement, and problem solving; atoms and elements; molecules, compounds, and chemical reactions; chemical quantities and aqueous reactions; gases; thermochemistry; the quantum-mechanical model of the atom; periodic properties of the elements; chemical bonding (the Lewis model & molecular shapes), valence bond theory, and molecular orbital theory; liquids, solids, and intermolecular forces. Laboratory experiments demonstrate many of the principles presented in lecture and allow students to practice basic laboratory techniques, careful observation and the rigorous treatment of experimental data.

Additional Course Fees: $260


CHEM 110 with a grade of "C" or better and FNMT 118 or MATH 118. 

General Education Fulfillment: Scientific Reasoning