BHHS 212 - Resolution-Focused Helping Skills

Credit Hours: 3

BHHS 212 introduces students to the values, concepts, vocabulary, knowledge base and practice skills of time-sensitive approaches to helping relationships. The cultural and historical factors that have shaped time-limited approaches to treatment are emphasized. The course addresses how people change, extra-therapeutic factors and clinician-specific variables that predict successful outcomes in helping relationships. Motivational interviewing and resolution-focused models of helping are introduced and specific skill sets are practiced through role-plays, supervision, and audio and video recording. Students learn to work with individuals of varying ages and abilities in a variety of behavioral health settings and with groups using skills sets such as assessing readiness, identifying key challenges, establishing goals and taking specific action steps. This course is a continuation of BHHS 111, Introduction to Helping Skills.


BHHS 111 with a grade of "C" or better.