ART 105 - Drawing I

Credit Hours: 3

Drawing I focuses on the basic principles of drawing. Through working from direct observation, students learn about the elements (concepts) and mechanics of drawing. Students will be taught how to control the placement of objects on the page, and the use of sight measuring—sighting along a pencil to compare distances and angles and to compare height vs. width. Students will also be taught how to construct geometric forms using sight measuring, perspective (convergence), transparent construction (drawing every object as though you can see through it) and tone (value). Students will learn about the materials and supplies of drawing through demonstrations given by the instructor and through the drawing process. Throughout the course, art history will be referenced to illustrate concepts discussed in the course.

Additional Course Fees: $135


ENGL 071 and ENGL 081/ENGL 091 or higher placement 

General Education Fulfillment: Oral Communication/Creative Expression