AET 102 - Scientific Technology and Public Policy

Credit Hours: 3

The purpose of AET 102 is to provide scientific background at an introductory level in a range of areas where scientific and technological advancements have had a significant influence on society. The course will also explore how advances in science have fueled debates in society, and how debates in society have influenced the direction of scientific research and technological development. Students will explore current trends in various fields of science and technology and consider how these fields may evolve in the future.


ENGL 098ENGL 098 ESL, ENGL 098/108ENGL 101/109 (CLC) or higher placement. Open to students at FNMT 017 level or higher, however, if students are at FNMT 017 level they must take FNMT 017 concurrently.

Course Offered Online: Yes

General Education Fulfillment: Scientific Reasoning