Class of 2021 Message Wall

We know that our graduates didn’t cross the finish line alone; they had you cheering for them on from the beginning. Whether you’re a professor, friend, classmate, mentor or loved one, the impact that you had was pivotal on their road to success, and we want you to take part in celebrating this moment.

Submit your message of congratulations for the graduate you stood behind every step of the way and we will share it below on our Message Wall.

Janet A Tucker

It seems to me that just yesterday you were just a child entering high school. Now you're a confident young woman getting ready to graduate. It is our pleasure to see you grow and accomplish so many things over the past two years. I hope you know how proud we are!

Hawa Sesay
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Mariane Ruiz

Little sister,

“Here's to the confident women breaking generational curses one day at a time! It's not easy being a chain-breaker, but it is wildly impactful”

I am proud of you and I love you!

Your big Sister,


Deseret Dejesus
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Mia Whaley

Remember when you started your journey on becoming a RN. And, now getting closer to achieving that goal/dream it’s beautiful!!. Keep on trucking to your final destination.

Victor Louis Velazquez
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Sakinah Abdul Fattah

Masha’Allah I’m so proud of you! Congratulations boo. I’m wishing you all of the success. Can’t wait to continue to witness your journey.

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Priscilla Quiles

Congratulations to my sister Priscilla. I'm proud of you putting in the hard work and dedication to get thru during this rough time and not giving up. Congrats to all!!!

Fabian Gutierrez
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Alia Logan

Alia congrats on a job well done. You worked very hard to accomplish this. May god continue to bless you

Yolanda Highsmith
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Jomayra Andino

Congrats my sister! So proud of you for showing your kids that no matter what you have going on.... you can still accomplish your goals.

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Alia Logan

Alia....I cannot tell you just how proud I am of this accomplishment. You have inspired me in many ways! Keep pushing forward! I’m excited for your future and upcoming and continuous accomplishments.

Love Natalie

Natalie Henderson
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Andrew J Farrell

To new beginnings, sending you a loving congratulations to you on your special day. "You cannot dream of becoming something you do not know about. You have to learn to dream big. Education exposes you to what the world has to offer, to the possibilities open to you." Sonia Sotom

Theresa Mari
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Paralegal Studies Graduates

Congratulations to all of our Paralegal Studies Graduates!!

It’s been a true honor to be a part of your journey!

Please stay in touch and best of luck in all future endeavors! Professor Schneider

Jennifer Schneider
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Sherell Robinson

Congrats to one of the hardest working woman I know! You are the epitome of success despite your many trials & tribulations! You started from the bottom, now you’re here! Beat the odds, did numbers & remained humble! Top 2 & you ain’t number 2! Masha Allah. I love you.

Rich Hewlett
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Salinas Abdul Fattah

Al Hamdulilah! Hard work and perseverance paid off. May Allah continue to bless you and grant you ease in all of your future endeavors, Ameen.

We are so very proud of you.

Tovia Nicole Crawford (Naifah)
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Congrats you did it you defeated the odd there is nothing you can't do.

Go forth and continue being the best at whatever you choose but don't forget me.

Love you Ms Lavern

LaVern Allen
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Victoria Troendle

Congrats babe! I’m so proud of you, and I know you’re going to kill it at U-arts!

Love Adam James

Adam Entrican
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Carolyn Custis-McCrea

Congratulations to my beautiful sister, daughter, mother, grandmomther its been along time coming and you finally did through hard work, through the tears caring for other before yourself you deserve this and much more I love you to the moon and back enjoy your day.

Kimberly Custis-Taylor
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