2021 Liberal Arts & Communications Academic Awards

Communication Arts:

Adele Poses Magner Memorial Communication Arts Award in Speech

Michelle Thompson (First Place)
Lakeea Taylor (Second Place)
Amanda Costa (Third Place)

Daphne Nichols Herbert Communication Arts Award in Theatre

Regina Gonzales (First Place)
Alvin Reese (Second Place)
Kenz Pereira (Third Place)


Anne and Andrew Abel Writing Contest Award

This award is intended to promote, encourage, and support the craft of writing by students.

English 101

Ian Delaney (First Place)
Gabriel Herrera (Second Place)

English 102

Molly McDonagh (First Place)
Sasha Peguero (Second Place)

Judith Stark Creative Writing Contest Awards

The contest was founded in memory of Judith Stark, a faculty member with a special interest in writing. The awards are funded by an endowment set up by the Stark family, friends, and by College faculty members.

Fall 2020


Aaron Bodiford (First Place) - “Mortuary Self-Care Day for Cadavers and Femmes (13th & Spruce)”
Jennifer Herrera (Second Place) - “Mommy, there’s a monster in the closet”
Khadija Ahmaddiya (Third Place) - “We Are Black”
Taylor Maheia (Fourth Place) - “Thank You for Being A Friend”
Nicholas William Croker (Fifth Place) - “Blackberries Hang From the Poplar Tree”


Marvin Allen DeVose (First Place) - “A Sky That Begs to Bleed”
Quinn Thomas Grzywinski (Second Place) - “Egypt”
Jasmine Marie Humerez (Third Place) - “Midnight Cruise"
Sean Mooney (Fourth Place) - “A Bird Spoke to Me”
Vianca Santiago (Fifth Place) - “Heart of Stone”


Alex Phillips (First Place) - “The Coronaissance”
Damien Pressley (Second Place) - “Will Black Lives Ever Matter?”
Jamie M. Mitchell (Third Place) - “White Supremacy Culture in America: “Othering” and Similar Micro-aggressions towards Blacks in the Media”
Kace McCarthy (Fourth Place) - “The Importance of Writing: From the Early Modern Period to the 21st Century”


Nandia Clarke (First Place) - “Forgive Me”
Thomas Brill (Second Place) - “The Girl With The Bluest Eyes”
Cheyenne Downing (Third Place) - “Hero & Gloom”

Spring 2021


Emma Wydeven (First Place) - “A Steady Hand”
Callia Brown (Second Place) - “The 3Bs”
Emily Quast (Third Place) - “porch light”
Heather Cohen (Fourth Place) - “radical enlightenment”
Noah David Roberts (Fifth Place) - “Notes From A Silent Funeral Film”


Jacob MacNair (First Place) - “At the Top of the Field”
Emma Wydeven (Second Place) - “Marlon Brando in a Minivan”
Christina Tsan (Third Place) - “The Ineffable Beauty of a Star”
Cheyenne Downing (Fourth Place) - “Strawberry Outcast”
Kelsey Goding (Fifth Place) - “We Need To Talk”


Damien Pressley (First Place) - “Living In America: While Black”
Claudia Sonke (Second Place) - “Guilty Until Proven Innocent: A Study of Wrongful Convictions in America”
Rebecca Miller (Third Place) - “Five Chapters”
Jace Gulbronson (Fourth Place) - “Romans 10:11”


Ivy Staten-Minor (First Place) - “Mcnally’s Alley”
Rey Sylla (Second Place) - “Civil Unrest”
Miguel Moon (Third Place) - “Crossing the Intersection”