College Awards and Scholarships

Florence Fishman Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Service by a Tutor

This award, honoring Florence Fishman, who founded the Learning Lab in 1973, commemorates two of her outstanding attributes: concern for, and interest in, students.

Presented by Anna Seixas
Jesse Emrick
Ann Rosenblum

40 Leaders Honors Scholarship

The Honors scholarship recognizes students for achievement in the Honors curriculum at the College.

Presented by Brian Seymour, Ph.D.
Yogev Elisha Avidar
Joseph Wozniak

All-Pennsylvania Community College Academic Team

The All-Pennsylvania Academic Team is sponsored by the American Association of Community Colleges and Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. This award recognizes students who not only excel in scholarship, but also extend their intellectual abilities beyond the classroom to benefit society.

Presented by Samuel Hirsch, Ed.D.
Andreas Copes
Kendall Stephens

Sandra Lynn Barnett Scholarship Award

This scholarship recognizes students pursuing an associate’s degree at Community College of Philadelphia after starting in an Educational Support Services program.

Presented by Lynette Luckers
To be announced

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Officers Award

This award recognizes a Rho Upsilon chapter member.

Presented by Sarah Iepson, Ph.D.
Andreas Copes
Benjamin Nixon

Donald Koltiska Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is presented to a student who has completed a minimum of 24 credits with a grade point average of 3.75 or above and is continuing at the College.

Presented by Robert Spencer:
Julio M. Acosta
Addiskidan S. Tesfaye


A. Michael Hearn Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Hearn was a long-time College employee who began his career as a systems programmer and went on to become a database administrator and part-time instructor. His love of teaching led him to change careers and become a full-time faculty member in the Computer Technologies Department. His family created the A. Michael Hearn Endowed Scholarship after his death in 2011 to honor his memory.

Presented by Barbara Hearn
Justin M. Gallagher
Nicholas M. Viola