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Domestic Studies 2023 Information Sessions 

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 4:00 pm – 5:00 PM

Friday, February 10 2023 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Zoom Link: 

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Applications are due: Monday, February 20, 2023

Community College of Philadelphia will be hosting the third Global Summit on Social Justice. Here is a synopsis of last summer’s programs. This year, the Global Studies summit will focus on Social Justice within the U.S. and U.S. territories. Programs will consist of weeklong itinerary of virtual and/or in-person activities consisting of tours, film screenings, lectures, presentations, talks, etc. The program will run throughout Summer Session I (May 15, 2023 - June 22, 2023). All domestic travel will occur between June 5, 2023-June 23, 2023.

How to Become a Global Student Ambassador

Additionally, Global Student Ambassadors (GSA’s) will be chosen through an application process. They will travel and take either a 1-credit IDS120 course or 3 credit course during Summer Session I. All travel and course expenses will be covered (e.g. domestic airfare, travel, lodging, food, activities, virtual and/or in–person events and activities, etc). All participants must follow that region’s safety protocols. The duration of the trips can be approximately 5-7 days.

Students will need to provide a $150 deposit to secure their place. Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator: Lucia Gbaya-Kanga ( with any questions or concerns!

Participation Requirements and Important Information

1. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 12 credits at Community College of Philadelphia by the end of Fall 2022, be registered in Spring 2023 courses at the College, and be in good academic standing with no disciplinary holds.

2. Interviews of the finalists will begin in early February 2023. Selected students will be notified on or around February 28, 2023. When the selection process is complete, selected students will need to submit a $150 deposit to secure their place.

The $150 check or money order should be made out to Community College of Philadelphia and taken to the Division of Liberal Arts in BR21 at the time you submit your acceptance/agreement form.

3. Students will also be enrolled in either a one-credit course, Interdisciplinary Studies 120: Social Justice Program or a three-credit course during Summer Session I.

Students will read, write and discuss materials to prepare for and reflect upon their domestic study experience.

In addition, there will be pre and post departure meetings, which will be arranged by the Study Abroad coordinator and faculty group leaders. Attendance is mandatory.

4. After travel, students will be expected to participate in presentations or panel discussions to share their study abroad experience with others in the College community.

For more information, please contact Lucia Gbaya-Kanga, Study Abroad Coordinator, at

Domestic Studies Opportunities

Alabama: Civil Rights and Black Power Movements

Faculty Leaders: Nwenna Kai Gates and Dr. Anyabwile Love

All domestic travel will occur between June 5, 2023-June 23, 2023.

Travel Duration: 5 days (subject to change)

Course Dates: May 15, 2023- June 29, 2023

Alabama is the cradle of the confederacy, but it is also one of the birthplaces of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements. This immersive program will explore historical events, sites and communities of Alabama that reflect the breadth of these movements, and their legacies. Students will be introduced to the historical narratives of resistance movements and their connections to the cultural and political ideologies in Alabama’s Black community today. Also, students will be introduced to the vibrant art and culinary world throughout Alabama.

New Mexico: Criminal Justice system and trauma-informed practice

Faculty Leaders: Professors Ilze Nix & Judy Cruz-Ransom

All domestic travel will occur between June 5, 2023-June 23, 2023.

Travel Duration: 7 days

Course Dates: May 15, 2023- June 29, 2023

Any plans this summer? Professors Ilze Nix & Judy Cruz-Ransom invite you to visit the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe in New Mexico. Join us as we time travel through thousands of years and explore the stories and native roots of the Indigenous peoples; the traditions and influence of the Spanish arrivals; and the modern-day streets, the scenery, the art, and the food. All this while taking Justice 191, Victimology and Trauma, to direct our focus on the historical and current victimization, the criminal justice system from the victim's perspective, and trauma-informed practices surrounding these. Grounding our reflections on the intersectionality of race and gender as we aim towards action-oriented social justice. Join us for an academic and life-changing study-abroad experience!

South Carolina: Gullah - Geechee Communities & Cultural Preservation

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Gayathri Banavara & Dr. Lynsey Madison

All domestic travel will occur between June 5, 2023-June 23, 2023.

Travel Duration: 6 days (subject to change)

Course Dates: May 15, 2023 - June 29, 2023

Travel to Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas to explore the rich legacy of African cultures and influence in the low-country region. The Gullah Geechee people have retained and embraced their African roots and customs and even their own language. Students will engage in a transformative experience learning about the Gullah Geechee culture through food, arts, crafts, and music. This program bridges the past with the present and covers important moments in the Civil Rights Movement while also providing a broader narrative of the American Black experience, sights, and stories that are not commonly told or seen.


Past Study Abroad Destinations and Travel Dates

Future study abroad trips will be announced when the College resumes its Study Abroad program.

Review the Application Process and Apply to Study Abroad
Global Studies Summit
June 7 to June 30, 2021

Community College of Philadelphia hosted our first virtual monthlong Global Studies Summit due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions. All events were student-centered and open to the College community as well as the greater public. We had an amazing lineup of speakers who explored the theme of global social justice. Events also highlighted opportunities provided through the College’s study abroad program.


Review the Application Process and Apply to Study Abroad

Costa Rica

Travel Dates: May 19 to May 28, 2020

Program Fee: $750

Join professor Nancy Carr and professor J. Barry Johnson for eight exciting days in San Jose, Costa Rica. The words “Costa Rica” translate to mean “Rich Coast” which is an apt description of a country that is home to vibrant rainforest, active volcanoes, and more than 500,000 species, making it one of the most biodiverse country’s in the world.  The required summer course is BUSL 195: Experiential Learning in Business or Technology. Outside the academic coursework, students will visit National Technical University (UTN),  CoopeVictoria, the largest and oldest cooperative in Central America, talk with the local mayor, visit the Central Market, have a beach trip and much more.

Applications must be submitted online by logging into MyCCP Portal. The application is due on December 6, 2019.

Review the Application Process and Apply to Study Abroad

South Africa

Travel Dates: May 10 to May 25, 2020

Program Fee: $850

Why not visit South Africa next summer with Dr. Anyabwile Love & Prof. Ilze Nix on the streets of Johannesburg & Soweto, the beaches of Cape Town & surrounding False Bay, & the bushveld of Pilansberg. The required Intro to African Culture & Civilization course (Hum 180) will focus on South Africa’s vibrant culture, history and people. We will consider the origins of their civilization. The history of their literature and the narratives of its indigenous people will be connected to the contemporary events. The remnants of slavery and apartheid will be wed to present social and political movements... all to prepare us for our trip where we will explore the footprints of one of the earliest civilizations in world history; legendary South Africans like Nelson & Winnie Mandela; the students of the Soweto Uprising; and the day-to-day lives of people still living in the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

Applications must be submitted online by logging into MyCCP Portal. The application is due on December 6, 2019.

Review the Application Process and Apply to Study Abroad


Travel Dates: June 5 to June 18, 2020

Program Fee: $850

An exciting study-abroad experience will be available to Community College of Philadelphia students this summer – a study tour of Cambodia, in Southeast Asia. The “Cambodia and the Human Condition” study abroad program will introduce students to the rich history and magnificent architecture of Cambodia. Participants will explore the capital of Phnom Penh, including the magnificent Royal Palace, National Museum of Cambodia, Tuol Sleng genocide museum and Killing Fields, and the Mekong River. Students will also travel to the famed temples of Angkor Wat and Battambang to gain first-hand knowledge of day-to-day life at a rural factory-farm, silk factory, floating village, and orphanage.  Professors Daravann Yi, Counseling, and Linda Fellag, English, will lead the trip, tentatively scheduled for June 7-18, 2019.  Exact travel dates are tentative until flights are booked.

Applications must be submitted online by logging into MyCCP Portal. The application is due on December 6, 2019.


Before Applying for Study Abroad

  • You will be selected for an interview upon the basis of an online scholarship application including on a statement of interest, faculty recommendation and your transcript.
  • You must be able to demonstrate why you are interested in visiting that specific site.
  • You will learn about the region and go to an information session.
  • For a stronger faculty recommendation, talk to your professor about why the region interests you.

Plan ahead so you have the necessary funds and can meet payment deadlines:

  • Know that the College scholarship covers international airfare, lodging, transportation, BUT it does not cover a program fee YOU PAY of $850, which pays for your travel insurance, many meals, most admission fees, etc. 
  • In March, YOU need to register and pay for a three-credit course with fees this three-credit course costs $576
  • Please begin the process of acquiring a passport, if you do not have one.  Please realize that the passport fee is about $100 and you need a passport photo that costs about $25 at CVS, etc.  We need a copy of the page of your passport or passport application before we can book an airplane ticket in your name.  U.S. Passports last for 10 years, so getting one is a good investment

Application and Payment Information and Deadlines

To be eligible to apply by the end of December 6, 2019 deadline, you must have completed at least 12 credits and be in good academic standing at Community College of Philadelphia, and you must register for Spring 2020 classes at Community College of Philadelphia.

The Selection Committee will begin to review applications and schedule interviews beginning December 6, 2019.

JANUARY 6-17, 2020
Interviews with those Candidates the Selection Committee recommends for further consideration. Students who interview and are accepted for Study Abroad are notified by email or phone call, and are requested to accept the invitation to participate by email.

JANUARY 31, 2020
To hold your place, YOUR first payment of $450 is due to be paid to the Bursar’s Office.

FEBRUARY 28, 2020
Second payment of $400 is due to be paid to the Bursar’s Office. If you cannot make the payment by this date, you will forfeit your place in the program.

Two Study Abroad meetings/orientations to review the itinerary, meet one another, and discuss health and safety, and other trip logistics.

Beginning of registration for Summer term: You must register for your academic course.

Please visit your doctor or a clinic to review what shots you need. You should discuss the demands of international travel with your doctor.

Please be aware that you should bring between $200-$300 to cover meals and snacks when you are away from the group, optional activities added to the itinerary, and buying presents, etc.

How to Access the 2019-2020 Scholarship Application

Go to the  and login:

  • Select the Student Tab
  • Scroll down on the left and click on Scholarships and Awards
  • Then, click on Scholarship Application
  • Scroll down and select one of thde two study abroad trips to complete the 2019-2020 scholarship application
  • Please be sure to answer the question “Are you interested in Studying Abroad?” by saying YES
  • Also, you MUST complete the Essay Question immediately following.  In your essay, address why you want to go to the destination site.

Please call the Scholarship Office at 215-496-6182 if you have any questions about the scholarship application process.

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