Domestic Study 2023: Information, Requirements and Application

Program Fee

The fee paid by students who are selected through this application process is $150. All travel and course expenses will be covered (e.g., domestic airfare, travel, lodging, food, activities, virtual and/or in–person events and activities, etc). All participants must follow that region’s safety protocols. The duration of the trips will be approximately 5-7 days.   

Students will need to provide the $150 deposit to secure their place.


  1. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 12 credits at Community College of Philadelphia by the end of Fall 2022, be registered in Spring 2023 courses at the College, and be in good academic standing with no disciplinary holds
  2. When the selection process is complete, selected students will be enrolled in the appropriate course that will be tailored for the domestic study experience
  3. The application is due on February 27, 2023
  4. Notification of the finalists will begin in mid-March
  5. After travel, students will be eligible to become a member of the College’s Study Abroad alumni and will be expected to participate in presentations or panel discussions to share their study abroad experience with others in the College community

Selection Criteria Among Eligible Applicants

A diverse group of students will be selected based on the following:

  1. Academic performance in Community College of Philadelphia courses, as indicated by grades in courses. A current, unofficial College transcript is required and must include courses being taken in Spring 2023.
  2. One Community College of Philadelphia faculty member’s written recommendation. Faculty recommendations must address the following: (a) The student’s interest in the target destination, intellectual curiosity, and/or relevant personal/career goals, as well as markers of solid academic work. (b) The student’s reliability, as demonstrated through his/her activities, such as being prepared for class, attending and participating in class, and submitting assignments on time. (c) The student’s adaptability and ability to contribute to and function abroad in a small group: getting along with faculty, other students, and people from backgrounds different from his or her own.
  3. A carefully written statement by the applicant of 300-600 words explaining past coursework, reading and/or experience that led you to be interested in this particular opportunity, and how participation in the program for which you are applying would further your personal career goals.
  4. Selected finalists will be contacted for an interview by a selection committee.

Application and Payment

How to access the Community College of Philadelphia Scholarship Application:

  • Go to the  MyCCP Portal and login
  • Select the "Student Quick Links" tab
  • Scroll down on the left and click on "Scholarships and Awards"
  • Click on "Apply for General Scholarships"
  • Fill out the Scholarship application, including the general essay​
  • Please be sure to answer the question “Are you interested in studying domestically to x?” by saying YES​
  • Also, you MUST complete the essay question immediately following your application submission. A carefully written statement by the applicant of 300-600 words explaining past coursework, reading and/or experience that led you to be interested in this opportunity, and how this type of study would further your personal career goals.​

Good luck!  Please call the Scholarship Office at 215-496-6182 if you have any questions about the scholarship application.