Student Government Association

The Student Government Association offers an ideal opportunity to hone leadership skills through its commitment to upholding the daily mission of Community College of Philadelphia. SGA’s legislative, educational, cultural and leadership activities help students to be informed, concerned citizens and active participants in the cultural life of the city. The SGA executive board consists of 10 officers, including a president and two vice presidents elected by the student body. New members are elected each year.

Incentives for Student Leaders

Provided they fulfill stated requirements and are recommended by their faculty advisors and approved by the Office of Student Life, student leaders receive stipends to acknowledge the time and services they devote to their positions. Student Government Association executive board members receive a pre-tax stipend between $400 and $2,000 each semester.

For more information, please contact the Center for Student Leadership Development by visiting rooms S1-11 and S1-12 in the Winnet Student Life Building, or calling 215.496.6112 or 215.496.6196.