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Blueprint Reading: Print Layouts and Measurements for Machining

Blueprint Reading: Print Layouts and Measurements for Machining

This introductory class is designed to provide instruction in the theory and skills necessary to read conventional drawings commonly used in the machining industry. Instruction will be centered around object visualization and feature definition/recognition. Basic through intermediate difficulty multi-view third angle (with lesser emphasis on first angle) projection, to include orthographic, isometric, sectional and auxiliary view drawings will be addressed piece-part feature terminology, tolerances, limits, fits, conventional dimensioning practices, surface finish and inspection issues will be stressed. Sketching, precision layout tools, measurement tools, and techniques of usage will be covered and utilized to demonstrate comprehension in print/part interpretation. (This program is intended for students interested in enrolling in Machine Tool Technology programs.)

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Sept. 10 - Dec. 17, 2018
6 - 9 p.m. (45 hours)

Main Campus, Center for Business and Industry    


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