Professional Coaching - Results-Oriented Coaching

Life and Success Coaching, a rapidly growing field of personal development, significantly impacts how individuals achieve success in life. This certificate program provides the tools and techniques for acquiring foundational coaching competencies, developing coaching models and understanding the personal change process. It is ideal for those wishing to develop the knowledge and skills of Life and Success Coaching and strengthen their coaching competence.

Professional Coaching consists of three workshops (18 hours) and students must successfully complete all three to receive the certificate.

Your customized coaching tool kit includes exercises, tools and current information on coaching principles and practices while you are taught by an International Coach Federation - accredited coach.

Results-Oriented Coaching builds on the Foundations of Coaching and helps those who coach individuals and teams to prepare for specific outcomes. When individuals become focused on a specific outcome, task or result their desire is to learn and improve the skill required to accomplish the goal. In this workshop, you will learn how to take advantage of that stage of readiness to create a successful coaching relationship and achieve the desired results. Your focus will be on how to achieve desired results in a coaching relationship through the use of appropriate tools and techniques for various coaching situations. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the role of coaching in performance management
  • Identify the competencies involved in results oriented coaching
  • Practice a set of communication skills that support effective coaching
  • Discuss the role that motivation plays in designing an approach to coaching

Course Outline:

  • Helping a client understand him/herself to attain life and professional goals
  • Powerful coaching questions
  • Nuances of giving impactful feedback
  • Coaching for capability
  • Building accountability into the coaching relationship

Prerequisite: Foundations of Coaching.

Course Dates and Times

Date and Times Location Course Cost/Fees
Oct. 18, 2023
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(1 hour lunch break)
In Person

Main Campus
Center for Business and Industry

 Course Hours: 6 Hours