Opus Monētae - The Money Management Course

Take control of your financial well-being. If you feel left behind or unsure of which resources to rely on for money management, this 9-hour program will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to manage your money confidently and build wealth for the future.  This comprehensive course was designed to respond to a growing crisis facing our country with the limited access to a solid financial skills education.

Learn a wide range of financial tools and concepts to use immediately. The course is suited for individuals with little or no background in financial concepts and also those who may get nervous or apprehensive when talking about money. Find out how to spot and avoid financial/investing pitfalls, become more confident and disciplined with managing money, and understand the fundamentals of financial management.

About the Instructor
Robert Falconiero, creator of Opus Monētae, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Pennsylvania with over a decade of experience advising some of the largest companies on complex financial issues. This program combines expertise with captivating, inspirational instruction that make learning both easy and fun.

You will have direct access to the instructor to ask questions during and after class. Each student will receive a copy of the entire course manual for future reference. You will also be provided with an extensive list of resources that will supplement the instruction.

Opus Monētae

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basic accounting
  • What an emergency fund is
  • Debt and how to prioritize debt payments
  • Interest Rates and Credit Reports
  • Basic forms of business structure/ownership
  • Introduction to investment funds & stock market
  • Benefits of retirement accounts
  • How mortgages work
  • Income taxes

Topics include:

  • Personal Financial Statements and Ratios
  • Emergency Funds and Banking Relationships
  • Debt, Credit Scores, and Credit Reports
  • The Time Value of Money, Risk, and Inflation
  • Investment Funds & the Stock Market
  • Active Investing vs. Passive Investing vs. Speculating
  • Portfolio Management and Diversification
  • Retirement Savings
  • Brokerage Accounts and Financial Professionals
  • Real Estate Valuation and Mortgages
  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Defending Against Identity Theft and Fraud
  • Money Management Role Models & Resources

Course Dates and Times

Date and TimesLocationCourse Cost/Fees
Oct. 11–25, 2022 
6 – 9 p.m.
In Person

Main Campus
Center for Business and Industry

Course Hours: 9 Hours

This workshop is offered through our continuing education partner.