Developing an Agile Mindset for the Competitive Business Landscape

Agile teams are viewed as the essential pathway to transforming a company to create nimble and flexible operations. Agile teams can be powerful, but results are possible only if the method is fully understood and implemented the right way. Join us for a dynamic workshop to dispel the myths surrounding agile operations. Learn the process for leading the transition to a successful agile organization.

In this workshop, you will cover agile and waterfall processes. Gain knowledge about the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement (ADKAR) change management model. Learn techniques on developing a creative and innovative mindset, and apply these processes to your work environment. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to apply the techniques learned to develop a continuous quality improvement project to present to your organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with agile versus waterfall processes
  • Understand how to apply the ADKAR change management model to a process or policy that needs improvement
  • Attain customer focused approaches
  • Learn techniques on developing an innovative mindset
  • Understand the cycle of learning, collaborating and delivering value

Note: This workshop is designed for beginners who want to learn about agile methodology. 

    Course Dates and Times

    Date and Times Location Course Cost/Fees

    Apr.4 to May 2, 2023

    9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    Live Online       $279 (Tuition: $279, Text: must purchase on your own prior to class: Doing Agile Right: Transformation without Chaos; Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk and Steve Berez)

    Course Hours: 15 Hours