Design Thinking

In today's competitive marketplace, companies must come up with innovative solutions to everyday challenges. The design thinking approach can be an effective tool for organizations looking for practical and creative ways to solve problems. This course will examine the benefits of design thinking and present strategies for generating innovative products and ideas that can set an organization apart from its competitors. It highlights real-world examples of design thinking applications across several different industries. It considers accessible design and looks at methods for testing ideas.

Included with your course is a one (1) year complimentary subscription to Fast Company.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define design thinking and examine the benefits 
  • Explore creative problem-solving strategies and how to encourage innovative thinking
  • Consider the benefits of accessible design
  • Identify techniques for generating ideas and ways to jump-start innovation
  • Methods for testing ideas
  • Examine the elements of product design and web design
  • Pros and cons of A/B testing

Course Dates and Times

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Course Hours: 3 Hours

This workshop is offered through our continuing education online partner.