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Cisco CCNA Certification Training

This course will prepare you for the Cisco® CCNA 200-301 exam, the top associate-level certification for IT professionals. Becoming a Cisco® Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) proves your skills and knowledge in today’s IT networking technologies. If you’re looking to advance your career as a network administrator, this online course will prepare you to take and pass the CCNA 220-301 exam.

Most businesses today need daily operation on their systems, making networking a high demand skill set. Since the IT industry evolves rapidly, you need to stay on top of the latest networking technologies. By becoming a Cisco® Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) proves your knowledge of IT networking technology and boosts your career prospects.

Each section will help you master certification-based topics for Cisco networking. Not only will you be prepared for the CCNA 200-301 exam, you will be able to provide networking solutions to real-world applications. This course offers enrollment with or without a voucher. The voucher is prepaid access to sit for the CCNA certifying exam upon eligibility.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Administer Cisco-based technologies for networking fundamentals and network access
  • Best practices for IP connectivity and services that ensure the integrity of network systems
  • How automation and programmability relate to Cisco networking systems

Job Outlook for Network Administrators
The US Department of Labor listed Computer and Information Technology Occupations as its strongest areas for career growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT employment is expected to grow 12% annually over the next decade. The BLS also forecasts strong growth in IT fueled by an "emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data, and information security." The BLS found that the average annual wage for computer and network administrators was $86,320.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get CCNA certified?
The IT industry evolves rapidly. To keep pace, you need to stay on top of the latest networking technologies. The Cisco® Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification proves that you have core networking skills and sets you on the path to advancing your IT career.

What does the CCNA 220-301 certification exam cover?
The CCNA 220-301 covers today’s most applicable associate-level networking skills. The main subject areas covered on the CCNA 220-301 are:

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • IP connectivity
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals
  • Automation and programmability

When was the CCNA certification exam last updated?
The latest version of the CCNA exam was released in February 2020. The CCNA 220-301 is a single, comprehensive exam that replaced the following CCNA specialty exams:

  • CCNA Cloud
  • CCNA Collaboration
  • CCNA Data Center
  • CCNA Industrial
  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Service Provider
  • CCNA Wireless
  • CCDA

What are the benefits of passing the CCNA certification?
There’s more to earning your CCNA certification than passing the test. Becoming a Cisco® Certified Network Associate is an important step to building your IT skill set. To pass the exam, you have to master a broad range of networking essentials, in addition to security, automation and programmability. Moreover, CCNA certification is widely seen as the first step to earning more advanced IT certifications.

Course Dates and Times

Date and Times Location Course Cost/Fees
Register to start now! Online Course  $2,495

Course Hours: 225 Hours

This workshop is offered through our continuing education online partner.