Certified Physical Therapy Aide

Certified Physical Therapy Aide

Physical therapy aides work with physical therapists to provide a positive experience for patients undergoing physical therapy treatment. This online course will teach you the concepts, skills and practices to become a certified physical therapy aide. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to take the American Medical Certification Association's (AMCA) Physical Therapy Technician/Aide certification exam.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role, responsibilities, and qualifications of the certified physical therapy aide in various healthcare settings
  • Build knowledge of human anatomy, functional body movements, and system disorders as they relate to physical therapy
  • Identify proper positioning, patient transfers, common exercises, modalities, and medical equipment
  • Demonstrate ethical and legal behavior specific to healthcare settings
  • Differentiate between tasks appropriate for a certified physical therapy aide and other healthcare professionals

Job Outlook for Physical Therapy Aides

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 27% growth in overall employment for physical therapy support positions between now and 2028. According to the BLS, the Baby Boomers demographic is staying active later in life than previous generations commonly did, which contributes to the growth in demand for physical therapy. As a result, experts anticipate a surge in health concerns as the Boomers reach the age at which heart attacks, strokes and mobility-related injuries become common.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a physical therapy aide do?

Physical therapy aides are responsible to support the overall therapy environment. They usually manage the cleanliness and safety of the clinic or work environment and help prepare the equipment for each patient's visit. Physical therapy aides often help patients as they arrive and move around in the treatment facility.

Some common duties include:

  • Cleaning the treatment areas
  • Setting up therapy equipment
  • Washing linens
  • Helping patients move to or from a therapy area
  • Handling clerical tasks, such as answering phones scheduling patients and checking patients into the clinic

Upon registering, you have nine (9) months to complete the course.

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