Web and Mobile Application Development

Invent new possibilities in the world of mobile computing

Do you find yourself dreaming up ideas for the next big mobile game, marketplace or utility? Do you want to learn to code in a program that prioritizes front end development and design? Earn an associate degree in Web and Mobile app Development and gain full-stack development skills that will prepare you to create, develop and manage databases, user interfaces and remote data in coordination with industry-standard APIs. This degree path prioritizes hands-on experience and concentrated course sequencing to give you a well-rounded perspective on software development in native IOS and Android settings.  

This program also teaches you the process of executing software design in the context of the modern marketplace. You will learn best practice for planning, launching and managing applications as well as recognizing, ethical, legal, and security issues related to web and mobile development. 

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Computer Programmers – est. salary $102,370
Web Administrators– est. salary $95,637
Computer and Information Systems Managers – est. salary $149,141*
Software Developers – est. salary $104,171


**EMSI Data, 2022; Philadelphia County, PA; a percentage of people in these jobs may have a bachelor's degree or higher.
map animation where the the Community College of Philadelphia is centered, the map zooms out to show the surrounding counties highlighted representing the areas of job and career growth.

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Courses and Completion Sequence

The following courses and sequence of courses is designed for the optimal success and completion of the Medium and Heavy Truck Technology II — Truck Service Technology Proficiency Certificate degree/certificate. Any alterations should be discussed with your academic advisor.
Course Number and Name Prerequisites Credits
MHT 212 - Medium and Heavy Truck Advanced Electricity II MHT 112 4 credits
MHT 241 - Medium and Heavy Truck Drive Trains Must be FNMT 118 ready; MHT 112 4 credits
MHT 271 - Medium and Heavy Truck HVAC Cooling Systems MHT 112 3 credits
FNMT 118 - Intermediate Algebra FNMT 017 or FNMT 019 completed or FNMT 118 (or higher) placement 4 credits
MHT 280 - Medium and Heavy Truck Fuel Emissions Systems FNMT 118, MHT 112, and MHT 180 4 credits

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