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Recovery and Transformation Proficiency Certificate

Our Recovery and Transformation proficiency certificate program will give you a basic understanding of recovery, resilience and transformation in the field of substance abuse treatment. You will learn about biopsychosocial aspects of various addictive behaviors, pharmacology of addictive substances, physiological effects on the user, psychological consequences of use and the sociological conditions that cause and result from substance abuse. You will be introduced to counseling techniques, case management concerns, assessment issues, professional responsibility and ethical practice. Special populations such as dually diagnosed (co-occurring disorders) clients and HIV substance abusers will be discussed.

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Degree Options

Upon receiving your proficiency certificate, you may enter the workforce or your courses may be applied to the Behavioral Health/ Human Services associate's degree program at the College, as well as transfer to a four-year college

Career Options

  • Case managers
  • Counselor assistants
  • Psychiatric technicians
  • Mental health assistants
  • Beginning human service workers

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