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Recovery and Transformation Academic Certificate

Our Recovery and Transformation academic certificate program will prepare you to work in a behavioral health and human service field that relates to understanding substance abuse. You will learn how to demonstrate a basic set of helping skills (warmth, empathy, reflective listening) needed for entry employment in the addictions field, work as a culturally sensitive ethical practitioner, demonstrate a stronger sense of self resulting from personal growth experiences, and use critical thinking and writing skills needed for working with clients. Individuals working in the addictions field require diverse backgrounds, training and experience. Students come to the program degreed, non-degreed and from various academic disciplines, bringing with them varied levels of understanding and expertise in the assessment and treatment of mental health and substance abuse. 

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Degree Options

Upon receiving your academic certificate, you may enter the workforce or your courses may be applied to the Behavioral Health/Human Services (link) associate's degree program at the College, as well as transfer to a four-year college

Career Options

  • Addiction counselors
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Case management specialists
  • Working in the fields of chemical dependency and other addictions such as nicotine and gambling

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