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Process Technology I Proficiency Certificate

Prepare for an entry-level position in the industries that use process operators—organizations such as Philadelphia Gas Works, the Philadelphia Water Department, Tasty Baking Company and pharmaceutical companies. Process technology is a controlled and monitored series of operations, steps or tasks that converts raw material into a product. A process technician monitors and controls mechanical, physical and/or chemical changes that constitute a process; troubleshoots equipment problems; and analyzes, evaluates and communicates data. The proficiency certificate is a credential recognized for preparing students with the basic knowledge and skills to perform entry-level operations in process control.

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Degree Options

Upon receiving your proficiency certificate, you may enter the workforce, or your courses may be applied to the Applied Science and Engineering Technology associate 's degree program at the College, as well as transfer to a four-year college.

Career Options

Entry-level process operator in the oil refining, food processing or water purification industries

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