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Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable resources on the planet, and the science that drives the field sits at the crossroads of statistics and computer science. Companies and organizations in nearly every discipline utilize big data to gain critical understanding of customer bases and what drives purchasing, while researchers use data to discover information and insights which in the past have been impossible to obtain. Data science is an essential tool in marketing analytics, machine learning, quality assurance and decision making in a huge variety of fields.

This proficiency certificate prepares graduates to function as members of a data analytics team. You will learn to obtain, store and manage data, and implement data analytics solutions using real-world data. Upon completing this certificate students will understand how to perform data exploration, manipulate data to be used for problem-solving, and conduct analysis with programming languages used in data science. Students will also learn to produce data visualizations, describe data, communicate findings, and demonstrate proper ethical practice for data storage, analysis and collection.

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Computer Network Architects - est. salary - $126,959
Information Security Analyst - est. salary $119,390
Data Warehouse Specialists - est. $107,562

**EMSI Data, 2022; The greater Philadelphia region; a percentage of people in these jobs may have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Courses and Completion Sequence

The following courses and sequence of courses is designed for the optimal success and completion of the Data Science Proficiency Certificate degree/certificate. Any alterations should be discussed with your academic advisor.
Course Number and Name Prerequisites Credits
CSCI 111 - Computer Science I with Java and Python FNMT 118 prerequisite or placement in MATH 161 or higher 4 credits
CSCI 118 - Foundations of Data Science FNMT 118 with a grade of "C" or better or placement in MATH 161 or higher 3 credits
CIS 205 - Database Management Systems CSCI 112, which may be taken concurrently, or CIS 103, or CSCI 118. 4 credits
CSCI 218 - Statistics for Computing and Data Science Either CSCI 111 or CSCI 118 with a grade of "C" or better, and MATH 161 with a grade of "C" or better (or higher placement) 4 credits
CSCI 221 - Machine Learning CSCI 118 with a grade of "C" or better, or CSCI 218 with a grade of "C" or better 4 credits

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