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Accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Community College of Philadelphia and Thomas Jefferson University have established the Early Assurance to Pharm.D. Program. Motivated, high-achieving students in the College’s Biology degree program will receive special mentoring to pursue studies leading directly to Jefferson’s Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) program.

Students who complete the required courses and meet the required academic standards, and graduate with an Associate in Science degree in Biology will receive a priority review by the Admissions Committee of The Jefferson College of Pharmacy (JCP).

A Network of Support

While attending CCP, students will have the opportunity to develop close ties with Thomas Jefferson University, and gain a deep understanding of the pharmacy profession.

To help with your application to the Early Assurance Pharm.D. Program, CCP’s program coordinator will review and discuss personal statements to be included in the PharmCAS application to help you address why you have selected pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals.

The College’s program coordinator will also help you with the letters of reference (submitted through PharmCAS) to meet the JCP requirements, and provide assistance with interview skills and recommendations.

Requirements for the Early Assurance to Pharm.D. Program

In order to receive priority review by the JCP Admissions Committee, students must:

  • Apply to, be admitted to, and enroll at CCP.
  • Submit an application for admission to the Early Assurance to Pharm.D. Program associated with the A.S. in Biology to CCP’s program coordinator, preferably at the time of original application to CCP, but no later than the end of the second year of full-time enrollment.
  • Be accepted into the program as determined by the CCP program coordinator. Admission into the program will be competitive and based on the admission requirements of the program. The graduates will complete the course work required for the A.S. in Biology degree program and in addition, complete the course work required in the Biology proficiency certificate program.
  • Meet requirements of the program while at CCP. Requirements include:
    • Meeting CCP’s academic requirements which require earning no less than a grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses for the Pharm.D. program, and cumulative and science GPAs above 2.7.
    • All prerequisite courses for the JCP Pharm.D. program must be completed no later than August 1 of the year students matriculate into the Pharm.D. program.
    •  If a student takes any courses at another institution, official transcripts must be provided to the CCP program coordinator for evaluation to ensure that all JCP required courses are successfully completed. At the time of application to JCP, all transcripts from CCP and other accredited institutions must be verified through the PharmCAS application.
    • Meeting all CCP general education and Biology major course requirements.
    • Maintaining a record of academic honesty and free of judicial violations while at CCP.
  • Actively participate in CCP/JCP co-curricular activities to enable students to appreciate the expectations for Pharm.D. students. Students are also encouraged to obtain experience to gain exposure to pharmacy practice prior to matriculation at JCP.
  • Complete and submit the following to the CCP program coordinator no later than September 15 of the year preceding matriculation at JCP:
    • A letter stating their continued intention to utilize the articulation agreement to attend JCP.
    • Names/contact information for at least two and no more than four references that meet JCP stated requirements as noted on the JCP FAQ page.
    • A copy of the personal statement to be submitted to PharmCAS.
    • Gain a positive letter of support from the CCP program coordinator.
    • Meet all JCP program requirements.

Admission Decisions for Acceptance to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The final determination of eligibility for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program will be the decision of JCP per Accreditation Counsel for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) requirements, and will be based on meeting the program qualifications.

Candidates to transfer to the JCP Pharm.D. program must complete the JCP admission process by applying through PharmCAS.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete all admission requirements and the PharmCAS application by October 15 of the year preceding their planned matriculation at JCP.

For an application to be considered complete by JCP, it must include a completed PharmCAS application with transcripts verified by PharmCAS and two letters of recommendation submitted through PharmCAS that meet the JCP requirements.

Final admissions decisions by JCP are based on:

  • A reasonable plan for completion of all required JCP prerequisite courses with at least a “C” in each course prior to August 1 of the year of matriculation at JCP. Matriculation at JCP is contingent upon successful completion of all JCP required prerequisites.
  • Cumulative and science GPAs above 2.7.
  • Successful completion of an interview at JCP following receipt of completed PharmCAS application.
  • Meeting all technical standards as stated on JCP’s webpage.

Qualified applicants submitting materials on time will be invited for an interview at JCP.

The JCP Office of Admissions will notify students of the admission decision within fourteen days of their interview. It is anticipated that these decisions will be made prior to January 1 in the year of matriculation at JCP if the CCP applicant is able to schedule and complete their JCP interview prior to January 1. JCP will also communicate admission decisions to the designated CCP program coordinator.

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