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Mass Media

Delivering Your Message to the Multimedia World

Learn how to prepare and utilize multimedia content for various situations and purposes. Discuss and analyze how society interacts with mass media; study the form, history and issues related to mass media; learn how to write for and design newspapers, magazines, websites and broadcast media; discover how the Internet links radio, video and text; develop academic research and public speaking skills; and create effective, engaging multimedia presentations. While progressing through the program, you will work on small group projects, manage and resolve conflicts in groups and teams, and explain legal-ethical issues both of communication and of creating and distributing information through mass media.

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Degree Options

Associate in Arts, and transfer to a four-year college


Career Options

  • Writing for websites, newspapers and public relations agencies
  • Running social media campaigns
  • Producing videos, television and radio content
  • Publishing newspapers, magazines and books
  • Communicating through photography, graphic design and film
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