Dana Chanel And Prince Donnell Share Advice On Accountability, Faith And Self-Love

"Not gonna lie, I wasn't ready at all. I was a 20-year-old dude who just started my career as a personal banker with my life, accident and health insurance license and making $60,000 per year," Donnell admits to xoNecole about his mental preparation for a serious relationship. "I moved into my own apartment, got my own car and I had a few extra dollars on my check every two weeks after bills. To be honest, I felt like I made it."

After living what he thought in his mind was his best life with having his friends in and out of his apartment every day and a fair share of friendships with various women, he soon came to realize that his life would change after meeting his wife with whom he shared the same alma mater, Community College of Philadelphia. "I remember her third time visiting my apartment and she threw out all of the liquor bottles on the top of my fridge and forced me to go food shopping because I would eat out everyday and she wanted me to start saving money. It was clear that she was different from the majority of women I've dated," added Donnell.

He admits that he wasn't ashamed of not "being ready" for a relationship when it presented itself to him while arguing pointedly that no one between the ages of 20-25 years of age is actually ready for what life has to give them. "We don't have enough experience. Social media places a ton of pressure on millennials to be this perfect person who is rich, has a business, drives a luxury car and seems to have their life in order. Man, that's for movies. As long as you're making a conscious decision to improve your life each day and your partner is supporting you through that journey, that's what truly matters," he advises.

"I'm 25-years-old today," Donnell continues, "and although I run a company that generates over ten times the amount of my yearly income at the bank and have all of these 'luxury items,' it still hasn't made me fully ready for my marriage. Every day is a new learning experience to become a better man and to love my wife like Christ loves the church."