‘It’s Time To Man Up’: Hundreds Of Men Join Forces To Combat Gun Violence In Philadelphia

“We can no longer talk about the racist system and all of these other things that certainly are true and certainly are there and certainly we acknowledge, but now tonight it’s time to man up,” radio host and columnist Solomon Jones said at last night’s ManUpPhl forum at CCP. Over 400 people, mostly men of color, joined together inside Community College of Philadelphia to man up together “We are here because just last week a 10-year-old was shot in the head walking home from school. We are here because a 2-year-old was shot in her own home,” Jones said. As a wave of child shootings has swept over Philadelphia, community leaders are joining forces under the program and hashtag #ManUpPHL to consolidate their efforts “We have a blueprint. I just need more men to step in. Just show up,” said Taj Murdoch, CEO of Empowerment Achievement Movement. Murdoch is also the CEO of the pilot program Men of Courage.“Unfortunately, a lot of our young men only see life from what they see outside their door so we expose them to college tours, take them to different professional settings so they can see real-life."